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AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Enhances Cancer Testing Speed, Accuracy with Cutting-Edge Lab Technology

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel is excited to announce the new purchase of cutting-edge technology for its hematology department that will significantly expedite the turnaround time for cancer test results. This addition to the lab is thanks to the AdventHealth Wesley Chapel Foundation, which provided more than $400,000 in donations.

The new Sysmex and Cellavision technology allows one scientist to complete about three to five times as many patient samples at a time. The new Sysmex performs a complete blood count, makes a slide if needed, stains the slide, and transitions the slide to the Cellavision. The Cellavision then captures many microscopic pictures and uses mathematical formulas to categorize the blood cells. Scientists will then review the images, reclassify them as necessary, and provide results quickly.

"Lab Scientists can provide higher quality results on more patients in significantly less time," said Robert Van Asdale, the Director of Laboratory Services at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel. "This improvement in efficiency and accuracy will provide much-needed reassurance to patients and empower healthcare providers to make informed decisions promptly during what may be a time of extreme anxiousness or uncertainty."

The new lab technology will also cater to the growing demand for oncology services in Pasco County, while simultaneously easing the workload of our dedicated health care team, through a more integrated and automated diagnostic process.

AdventHealth Wesley Chapel expanded its oncology services just over two years ago, recognizing the increasing and crucial need for cancer treatment in the county. AdventHealth Wesley Chapel’s world-class team of oncologists, physicians, counselors, surgeons, and more experts provide the community with leading-edge cancer care, close to home.

“Community support of the Foundation is a key part of what allows AdventHealth Wesley Chapel to provide such a high level of care. Funds that our patients and supporters donate to the Wesley Chapel Foundation directly support our programs, facility, and patients right here in Wesley Chapel" said Erik Wangsness, President, and CEO at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel. "We want to express our profound gratitude to the Foundation for their ongoing support and commitment to improving whole care in our community.”

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