Phone Directory

AdventHealth South Overland Park

7820 West 165th Street, Overland Park, KS  66223

Call AdventHealth South Overland Park at913-373-2000

Departments Phone Number
Admitting Call Admitting at 913-373-1100
AdventHealth South Overland Park Call AdventHealth South Overland Park at 913-373-2000
Biomedical Call Biomedical at 913-373-4051
Birth Center Call Birth Center at 913-373-6150
Cardiology Call Cardiology at 913-373-5650
Chaplain Call Chaplain at 913-373-5750
Dietician Call Dietician at 913-373-5502
Emergency Room Call Emergency Room at 913-373-1100
Endocrinology and Diabetes Call Endocrinology and Diabetes at 913-676-7585
Environmental Services Call Environmental Services at 913-373-4121
Facilities Call Facilities at 913-373-4000
Financial Services Call Financial Services at 913-676-2184
Imaging Center Call Imaging Center at 913-676-2505
Intensive Care Unit Call Intensive Care Unit at 913-373-6400
IT Call IT at 913-373-4271
Laboratory Call Laboratory at 913-373-4300
Lost and Found Call Lost and Found at 913-676-2207
Medical/Surgical Call Medical/Surgical at 913-373-6350
Medical Records Call Medical Records at 913-676-2260
Neurosurgery Call Neurosurgery at 913-632-9480
NurseLine Call NurseLine at 913-676-7777
Nutrition Services Call Nutrition Services at 913-373-5500
Patient Accounts Call Patient Accounts at 913-676-7558
Patient Advocate Call Patient Advocate at 913-373-4139
Patient Information Call Patient Information at 913-676-2110
Pharmacy Call Pharmacy at 913-373-4350
Physical Therapy Call Physical Therapy at 913-373-2100
Primary Care (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) Call Primary Care (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics) at 913-373-2230
Security Call Security at 913-373-1210
Surgery Call Surgery at 913-373-5851
Women's Imaging Center Call Women's Imaging Center at 913-676-2505

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