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AdventHealth Shawnee Mission Celebrates Our Grown-Up Leap Day Babies

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As the world marks February 29, Leap Day babies and their families across the globe are celebrating their rare birthdays with excitement. Leap Day babies, born once every four years, share a unique bond and a special connection to the quirks of the calendar. AdventHealth Shawnee Mission celebrated the special day by not only welcoming new Leap Day babies but inviting a few Leap Day babies from previous years for a once-in-every-four-years reunion.


“I was on bed rest for weeks prior to delivering. The thought of having Leap Day babies never entered my mind,” said Jamie Wilson, who delivered twins, a boy, Brooks and a girl, Blakely at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission’s Birth Center on February 29, 2016. “I wouldn’t change anything. My family and I have found some fun and unique ways to celebrate leap day and leap year.”


The twins are celebrating their “second official” birthday on February 29, while in years past the family took a unique approach to their birthday celebrations; letting the twins pick what day they wanted to celebrate.


“I wanted my son to have his own day, but he had his own plan leading to him being born on February 29, 2020,” said Kayte Waldron, whose son, Windsor, is celebrating his “first official” birthday in 2024. “I find it fitting that we had our miracle baby on the most rare and special day, Leap Day! Since this is his first ‘real’ birthday, we are holding a big celebration with family and friends and making him feel special on his unique day.”


As the clock strikes midnight and February 29 comes to an end, we at AdventHealth Shawnee Mission wish Leap Day babies and their families a happy Leap Day and we look forward to celebrating you as our patients always.

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