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Meet Isaac Sendros

Isaac Sendros and his family in Rome, Georgia

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Relocating to Northwest Georgia felt like coming home for the Sendros family. Isaac met his wife, Suzie, in Atlanta, where they both worked at Emory-Adventist Hospital after graduating from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee. As they dated and fell in love, the couple explored the region’s restaurants and breathtaking natural beauty. Isaac and Suzie’s careers eventually led them to Florida, where they got married, settled down and fondly looked back at their time in Georgia, where their love first blossomed.

Many years later, Isaac’s parents and brother moved to Calhoun, Georgia, and their family enjoyed annual gatherings floating down the Chattahoochee River, hiking and enjoying the region’s many holiday celebrations at Christmas time.

“I can say without a doubt that God’s hand was in control as He led us here,” said Isaac, who had spent most of his career in Florida working for AdventHealth in operations. Isaac and Suzie are delighted to raise their boys, John, 8, and Isaac William, 5, in a familiar environment, close to family with easy access to the great outdoors. As a family, they enjoy biking and exploring, cooking, hiking and more recently – kayaking.

From his first day as CEO, Isaac was intentional about building relationships with his team. During his first meeting with leaders at AdventHealth Redmond, Isaac offered the more than 50 leaders in the room his cell phone number. He regularly rounds throughout the hospital, creating touchpoints at nurses’ stations, environmental services and the inpatient departments.

“I am excited to join such a committed group of team members, leaders and medical staff. It is clear that there is deep pride and passion for providing the best care for this community. The AdventHealth Redmond team lives up to that; the culture within the hospital is infectious. This is a family for those who work here, and I am honored to play a small role in building upon that culture,” said Isaac.

To understand and foster the culture of AdventHealth Redmond, Isaac schedules “listening sessions” to garner feedback and input from every level of the AdventHealth Redmond team. Not only does this deepen trust, says Isaac, but it also shares ideas and knowledge of issues that he might not see otherwise from his vantage point. At his core, Isaac is a people person who finds strength through collaboration and encouraging the people around him. Suzie describes Isaac as loyal and humble, with an innate sense of purpose and drive. What makes him unique, says Suzie, is that he is deeply principled in his values and beliefs and is authentically the same, no matter the audience. This was ingrained in Isaac from a young age. His parents instilled in their sons a strong work ethic and unwavering faith in God.

During his previous visits to Rome to see their family, it was clear to Isaac and Suzie that the Rome-Floyd community has a heart for service and for helping the underserved. That thought was reaffirmed when he and Suzie attended the Heart of the Community gala and witnessed the incredible volunteers and organizations dedicated to meaningful work of service.

“I am excited I will play a part as CEO of AdventHealth Redmond in helping to serve the people of Northwest Georgia and Alabama. I look forward to integrating myself and my family into the Rome community,” said Isaac.

Firm Foundation of Faith

Faith plays a central role in Isaac’s leadership style and his focus on others. The mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ is deeply embedded in his identity as a Christian, and he has seen the impact firsthand of a team who believes that delivering compassionate care is a God-given, sacred call and one that can’t be easily shaken.

Before moving to AdventHealth Redmond, Isaac served as the CEO of Avista Adventist Hospital in Louisville, Colorado, beginning in 2019, just a few months before the rise of COVID-19. Although he had nearly 20 years of health care operations experience under his belt, nothing could have prepared him for the years that followed.

He led his team through the COVID-19 crisis and just at the beginning of the winter 2021 surge, his hospital was threatened by a wildfire that ignited in a field of grass a few miles away from the hospital. The fire spread rapidly with winds reaching 100 miles per hour and ultimately destroyed almost 1,100 homes. The front-line team members worked in tandem with their local emergency personnel to keep their patients safe, prioritizing their most vulnerable preemie infants in the neonatal intensive care unit and their mothers. The team successfully evacuated all patients in under 2 hours, and the hospital was spared from the flames, even though it suffered extensive smoke damage. These trials only strengthened Isaac’s faith and enabled him to persevere as a leader as he gained a glimpse of God’s greater story and purpose for his life.

“I consider my career a calling, and it’s an honor to lead at AdventHealth Redmond. My goal is for us to share Christ’s love with those we serve by providing the best quality and experience possible. I believe our jobs in health care are to be the light in peoples’ moments of darkness,” said Isaac.

The divine call to care for AdventHealth team members has inspired Isaac as he has rounded the halls and departments of the hospital. He has witnessed nurses offering to pray with patients and their families, team members encouraging and supporting each other and people jumping in to help when they see a need. He hopes patients will feel God’s presence when they walk through the doors and know that they are safe and truly cared for.

Continuing the Legacy of Care

Since he arrived at AdventHealth Redmond, Isaac has heard numerous stories of the incredible care patients have received at the hospital. The stories speak to the generous hearts of the AdventHealth Redmond team members and the role that faith has played in the compassionate care they deliver. This care is extended not only by the doctors and nurses but by nutritional services, environmental services, rehabilitation, surgery and imaging teams.

“We know that patients prioritize two things when they choose where to go for care: quality care and patient experience are paramount to patients. Our patients go where they know they’ll receive the highest level of expert care. AdventHealth Redmond was named a Top Hospital by Fortune and Merative two years in a row and has numerous awards and designations from The Joint Commission including acute myocardial infarction and heart failure. AdventHealth Redmond’s stroke care has been nationally recognized by The Joint Commission and American Heart Association. Clearly, our community trusts AdventHealth Redmond to take care of them when every second counts in a life-threatening emergency,” said Isaac.

His desire and commitment to the AdventHealth Redmond team and surrounding community are to continue to build on its long-time and rich history of providing expert care to the people of Northwest Georgia and Alabama.

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