Spine-Healthy Fathers Day Gift Ideas

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What to Get for the Man Who Has Everything Including an Aching Back

Every dad is different but come this Fathers Day, one thing many dads will have in common is a child or spouse who is thoroughly clueless about what to get for them. However, another thing that most dads have in common (in fact, more than 80 percent of all adults do) is the occasional bout with back pain. And therein lies the inspiration for a variety of healthy gifts that fathers may actually use and appreciate this June 21.

If chronic back pain is keeping you or a loved one from enjoying activities with family and friends, the Spine Health Institute has the resources and expertise you need to start feeling more social and mobile again. To arrange for a consultation with spine specialist Dr. Chetan Patel or a member of his esteemed medical team, contact our Patient Care Coordinator at Call866-986-7497, or click on the Book Online button at the top of this page.

Because your dad deserves a great gift this Father’s Day, we're happy to offer the following suggestions that keep his spine in mind:

1. Schedule a stress-relieving massage for him with a licensed massage therapist.

A professional therapeutic massage can do wonders to relieve back tension, increase the flow of blood to painful muscles and joints, and dial up the endorphins that generally make you feel good. In addition to reducing back pain, these benefits can also help patients get a better night’s sleep while warding off depression. That's a win-win-win for dad’s health and happiness!

2. Help him learn a more efficient, back-healthy golf swing.

Any dad who plays golf will appreciate the opportunity to have his swing analyzed by a certified Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) specialist through the Golf Fore Life program at the Spine Health Institute in Altamonte Springs, Fla. This innovative program employs a 12-point screening process in which your golf swing is recorded and then assessed by experts who are specially trained to identify problematic aspects of your posture, movement and stability. All participants come away with a customized plan that they can use to improve their strength, accuracy and spine alignment while lowering both their scores and back pain. Click here for more information.

3. Sign him up for a gym or swim-club membership.

The benefits of regular exercise for warding off back and neck pain are well-known and documented. Physical activity promotes the flow of nutrient-rich blood and maintains the exchange of fluids throughout the spine to reduce inflammation that may be present around an injured area, thereby minimizing pain. Give dad the push he needs to exercise regularly by presenting him with a gym or pool membership for a facility near home or work, where he'll find plenty of back-strengthening exercises as well as knowledgeable staffers to instruct him. Of course, even without a gym membership, he can do several safe back exercises at home, including hip crossover stretches, hamstring stretches, abdominal bracing, bridge exercises and special squats with the help of our Back to Basics videos. And if you have a backyard pool, you can show him these four in-water exercises for strengthening his back muscles from the comfort and convenience of home.

4. Buy him a back-friendly bike.

Bicycling is an excellent, low-impact aerobic activity that dad can enjoy for years to come, provided he has the proper equipment and technique to avoid back pain. View our blog on Tips for Protecting Your Neck and Back While Biking for information on what type of bike might be best for him, along with important tips for ensuring that the handlebars, pedals and seat height are properly adjusted to avoid back strain.

5. Get him the proper lumbar support for the car or office.

If your dad works an office or sales job, chances are, he spends a great deal of time sitting at his desk or in his car two places where sound ergonomics are often lacking. While a rolled-up towel or t-shirt can suffice in a pinch (as shown in this brief video), a variety of well-designed lumbar support products can be purchased online today as thoughtful and comfort-producing presents. And though somewhat pricier, a brand new, ergonomic chair for his home office may be just the ticket to help dad avoid bothersome back pain while working.

For more information on back-healthy tools and techniques, or to arrange for a physical evaluation and consultation with world-renowned spine specialist Dr. Chetan Patel, call the Spine Health Institute at Call866-986-7497. Because while Father’s Day may come just once a year, every day is a good day to get rid of your chronic back pain.


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