The Questions That Follow Spine Surgery

A woman reviews her test results with her doctor.
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Dr. Patel uses his extensive education and training to expertly treat conditions of the neck and back with conservative and surgical solutions. Your treatment plan should be as unique as you are, addressing your specific needs. You are a part of a team, working together to identify the treatment plan that is right for you.

If your treatment plan includes surgery, the following information is for you. Surgery of any type is often a source of stress and uncertainty. In an effort to alleviate those feelings, it is essential to get the answers to those questions running through your mind. If you have been able to come to the decision to have surgery, then you have already done a great job asking questions so far; don't stop there.

Will I need to stay in the hospital? if so, for how long? may have been among those questions you have already asked. The questions asked have been about events leading up to, and those occurring the day of your procedure; but what happens when you go home?

How will my pain be controlled after surgery?

How soon after surgery can I resume normal daily household activity?

How soon after surgery can I resume exercising?

How long after surgery can I drive?

How long after surgery can I return to work?

If I live alone will I need family/friends to stay with me?

These are among the questions that are most often asked and discussed. What about those less obvious?

Can I take a shower?

Do I need to change my dressing more frequently if it becomes damp from sweat?

Do I need to prepare my home for postoperative recovery? (removal of throw rugs on the floor, ensure all traffic pathways are clutter free)

Should I move everyday items to easy to reach spaces?

Will I be able to prepare my own meals during recovery, or do I need to avoid cooking to prevent prolonged or excessive bending and standing?

Your postoperative course is specific to your procedure. Dr. Patel is passionate about providing the most minimally invasive surgical solutions available. Take the time to look at your lifestyle. If you have any questions of the do's and don'ts do not hesitate to ask them. We encourage you to be involved in every phase of your treatment plan. The only wrong question is the one never asked.

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