How to Workout During the Game

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While the Magic may be out of the running this year, the playoffs go on. And with conference semifinals, finals, and the NBA finals happening in May, we know you'll be spending a lot of time watching the games. Here are ten ways to make sure you're still keeping your fitness in check without missing a minute of the action.

  1. Instead of watching the game from your couch or a restaurant, watch it at the gym while doing your normal workout routine. Running on a treadmill will make you feel like you're on the court, too. Careful not to get too many traveling penalties.
  2. When your team scores a three-pointer, instead of just throwing your hands up in the air and yelling, Yes! Throw your arms up in the air and do ten jumping jacks and yell, Yes! Chicken wings don't taste as good as healthy feels!
  3. If your team slam dunks the ball do five shoulder presses and imagine shattering the backboard with your rock hard delts.
  4. When your team takes a knee to talk to the coach, play along by doing stationary lunges until the meeting's over. And grab a drink from the waterboy. Hydration's very important.
  5. Any time there's a jump ball, do toe raises until the ball is in your team's hands and you'll develop the sort of calves even LeBron couldn't leave.
  6. At the end of every quarter, do as many sit-ups or crunches as the opposing team has scored in the last quarter. Team allegiance isn't just about sharing the victories but the pain of defeat, too.
  7. When the opposing team scores, drop and do as many push-ups as they scored points, pop up again and cheer on the defense because can you really do 106 push-ups?
  8. During a free throw, do lateral raises until the shots are made. Block 'em out, get that rebound.
  9. Every time a foul is committed by either team, do ten upright rows. Try to act like these hurt as much as the fouled player is acting like he got hurt.
  10. At the end of the game, stretch for as long as you watch the after-game commentary, be sure to drink plenty of water, thank God for the win, and say, Hi, to your mom.

By following these guidelines you'll feel like you played the game yourself and with some additional training, you'll be ready to try out for the team by next season. Well, maybe not quite. But you'll be in great shape and feel great for next season.

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