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4 Benefits of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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Not long ago, spine surgery was typically performed via long incisions that allowed doctors to use large, heavy-duty instruments. This technique meant a lot of time spent in the operating room, followed by a lengthy recovery period. Today, minimally invasive spine surgery is changing all of that.

We live in a time of surgical innovation. Minimally invasive procedures are being performed around the globe by experts like Dr. Chetan K. Patel. These advanced procedures benefit the patient, the operating team and the hospital, due to their greater efficiencies and potential for optimal outcomes. Minimally invasive surgery for the spine has four key benefits for surgeons and patients:

1. Smaller Surgery Site

State-of-the-art technology allows doctors to pinpoint exactly where the spinal injury, or affected area, is located before they make an incision. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Patel can make one or a few small incisions to access the surgery site without damaging surrounding tissue.

2. Less Time Spent in Surgery

By pinpointing the injured area and getting a good idea of what they will encounter before making an incision, doctors can focus on the procedure at hand. This means less time locating the issue and more time fixing it. In turn, less time spent in the operating room can translate to less cost to patients, their insurance and the hospital.

3. A Shorter Recovery Period

Smaller incisions and less-invasive procedures can mean that most patients spend less time in the hospital, or none at all, after their surgery, getting back on their feet quickly after the procedure. Staying active while healing is very important to the healing process, and minimally invasive procedures can allow patients to get moving sooner.

4. Potentially Better Outcomes

The goal of minimally invasive surgery is to increase the patient’s ability to return to a healthy and active lifestyle. Thanks to the huge strides being made in this field by experts like Dr. Patel, more patients are achieving their post-surgical goals regarding long-term pain relief and functionality now more than ever.

Trust the Experts in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

While minimally invasive procedures are on the rise, they require a specific skill set that can take years to master. Dr. Patel has dedicated his career to not only mastering these techniques but teaching them to hundreds of surgeons over the past two decades as well. He is passionate about helping improve patient outcomes through less-invasive procedures, and was part of the team that developed these state-of-the-art surgical tools and techniques.

The world of spine health is rapidly evolving, and Dr. Patel is at the forefront of this movement here at AdventHealth Medical Group Spine Health. If you’d like to learn more or make an appointment, click here or call us at Call407-303-5452.

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