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Rhoades Recognized with Service Standard Award

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Tiffany Rhoades was recently awarded AdventHealth Gordon’s prestigious Service Standard Award.

This special award was created by members of the hospital’s Employee Engagement Committee to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. It is awarded monthly to deserving employees selected by the hospital’s directors.

Rhoades, who works at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Curtis Parkway, was nominated by a coworker with the following words: “Tiffany has gone the extra mile for our patients several times. Once, we had a patient who was visibly upset. Tiffany was trying to carry on a conversation with her as she checked her in. It was during this conversation that the patient shared that she was had received some bad news regarding her health. Tiffany stopped what she was doing and offered to pray with this patient, and the patient gladly accepted. Tiffany said a word of prayer and helped calm her fears. She shared her own experience with a scary diagnosis and how God brought her through it. We added her to our prayer board, and we pray for her each morning at our huddle. Each time the patient came in, Tiffany was always sure to get an update and to let her know we were praying for her.

“Another example is when one of our older patients who doesn’t have any family came in for his appointment before Christmas. Tiffany asked him if he had anywhere to go for Christmas dinner. He said he did not, and this weighed on her heart. She asked if it would be okay to bring him something on Christmas, and he said that it was. On Christmas day, Tiffany and her church prepared him dinner and brought it to him.

“Tiffany also goes the extra mile for our patients who need help getting in and out of their cars. My office window is right by the wheelchair ramp for our clinic, so I often see her walking our elderly patients to their cars. I have even seen her go out in the pouring rain to hold an umbrella for someone and helped them get in their car. She came in soaking wet but never once complained. Another time, I saw her walking with an older man that came to his appointment by himself. She went out of her way to open the doors for him, walked him down the ramp and helped him into the car, all while she carried on a conversation with him. She doesn’t do this for the fame or the glory but because she genuinely cares for our patients.”

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