AdventHealth Team Members Recognized with Service Standard Award

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Service Standard Award_March Group Award

Sharon Bass, Amanda Bennett, Kristen Maloney, Tera Hardy and Carl Reiter were recently awarded AdventHealth Gordon’s prestigious Service Standard Award, previously known as the Extra Mile Award.

This special award was created by members of the hospital’s Employee Engagement Committee to recognize employees who go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis. It is awarded monthly to deserving employees selected by the hospital’s directors.

Bass, part of AdventHealth Gordon’s cancer care team; Bennett, Maloney and Hardy, nurses in the progressive care unit; and Reiter, part of AdventHealth Gordon’s marketing team, were nominated by Wes Fetner, assistance chief nursing officer, with the following words: “Months ago, I received a message from a leader that said we were having a wedding for a patient same afternoon. I was excited to get an invite. I arrived a little early and saw Kristen Maloney setting up the chapel. I later found out that Kristen came in on her off day to help the patient with her makeup and purchased a dress for the patient. I was told that the wedding had been moved back a couple of hours to allow family to arrive and attend.

“I came two hours later except for this time, I was late. The chapel was overflowing. I squeezed in beside other staff members, leaders and family standing in the North Lobby near the chapel. I heard Chaplain Don finish the vows. Everyone cheered, but I also noticed the tears in everyone's eyes. They made way for the bride to exit the chapel, and I first saw an oxygen tank and then the foot of a rolling chair. I next, unexpectedly, saw this beautiful bride in being wheeled out with her greeting party clapping and crying. As she left, everyone stood in a bittersweet solemnness. She had terminal cancer. They took her back to PCU to have a reception with her family and friends. Unfortunately, the patient passed away not long after the wedding.

“I nominate Sharon Bass for initiating the whole idea and for also putting on the reception; Amanda Bennett for doing the patient's hair; Kristen Maloney for doing the patient’s makeup and buying her a dress; Tera Hardy for supplying the wedding cake; and Carl Reiter for taking the wedding photos. This was a tremendous display of uncommon compassion by this team and a wonderful example of extending love to this patient and her family. It is an honor to get to work in the same building with such a team.”

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