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A female nurse helping a patient in an imaging machine.
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ORANGE CITY, Fla., April 20, 2018 AdventHealth Fish Memorial now offers a new type of imaging technology.

Called the Symbia Intevo by Siemens, this advanced, noninvasive technology performs SPECT-CT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography and Computed Tomography) which gives patients with a more accurate treatment assessment, improving clinical decision-making and potentially reducing the need for costly follow-up exams.

A SPECT-CT works by merging two different types of scans SPECT and CT. The SPECT, or nuclear medicine scan, shows the function or how the organ works, while the CT scan shows the anatomy. Together, the SPECT-CT can give precise information about how different parts of the body work.

SPECT-CT can help physicians diagnose and classify cancer lesions more precisely to allow for better staging and monitoring of disease. In addition, this new technology also performs a variety of studies for infections, inflammation of the bone or bone marrow, tumors, and bone fractures. Furthermore, SPECT-CT can be used for brain studies to diagnose epilepsy disease, as well as identify reduced blood flow in the heart as part of a stress test.

To improve patient safety and increase efficiency, this SPECT-CT technology enables AdventHealth Fish Memorial to reduce a patients exposure to radiation, while performing the scan faster than ever before. The system also offers exceptional patient comfort with an open design that may help patients feel more at ease.

We are thrilled to bring this new technology to the community, said Trang McGinnis, AdventHealth Fish Memorial nuclear medicine supervisor. Not only does it provide our patients with more accurate results in a shorter time, but it also gives patients a one-stop imaging workup with a higher clinical value and a lower dose of radiation.

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AdventHealth Fish Memorial is a member of Adventist Health System, a faith-based health care organization with 46 hospital campuses in nine states, serving more than 5 million patients annually. With a mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ, AdventHealth Fish Memorial has 175-beds and is one of the seven AdventHealth’s in Flagler, Lake and Volusia counties that composes the AdventHealth Central Florida Division - North Region. As the largest hospital system in the area, the AdventHealth Central Florida Division - North Region has 1,226 beds and more than 7,800 employees.

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