Ceevra Technology Improves Pre-Operative Planning

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When someone discovers surgery is in their near future, there’s often a lot of planning, preparation, discussions and questions that arise. For those without a medical background, sometimes pre-operative planning can get a bit overwhelming. Now, AdventHealth Celebration urologist Michael McDonald, MD is using Ceevra technology to create 3D imaging, allowing his patients to have a better understanding of their anatomy and, in turn, a better understanding of their medical needs.

Advanced 3D Imaging

Ceevra has developed AI-driven software that converts standard imaging, such as MRIs or CT scans, and turns them into interactive 3D models. In a randomized clinical trial published in a leading medical journal, the use of Ceevra 3D models in planning for robotic kidney tumor operations was shown to substantially reduce operative time, blood loss, and patient hospital stay duration.

AdventHealth was the first hospital system in Florida to commercially adopt Ceevra imaging in December 2019. It can be used to help with a number of conditions, including different types of cancer and masses, but Dr. McDonald is primarily using this technology now at AdventHealth Celebration to help diagnose and treat kidney tumors.

Benefits to Patient and Physician

3D imaging services can provide both the physician and patient with more confidence during diagnosis and treatment or surgical planning. “Compared to seeing an MRI, CT or ultrasound scan, our patients can understand the pathology much better, and it’s helping to make patients more comfortable with the overall tumor-removal process,” says Dr. McDonald.

On a standard imaging scan, doctors and patients are usually looking at the full picture of the scanned area, but when using Ceevra, areas of the body that aren’t relevant to the patient’s treatment can be removed for a clearer visual. “With Ceevra, we’re able to remove bones, organs, etc., from the imaging and better see the area we need to focus on, such as the tumor and nearby blood vessels,” explains Dr. McDonald.

When the patient can clearly see the area of concern and the physician can more visually explain the need for the procedure and process to come, this helps everyone involved feel more confident and prepared.

“This virtual model is a great pre-surgical planning tool that helps me address how I’m going to attack and treat the tumor,” said Dr. McDonald. Specialists have a clearer understanding of the area before even beginning the operation.

Dr. McDonald recently treated a 29-year-old patient who had a previous history of colon surgery for Crohn’s disease. This was followed up by a CT scan where a two-centimeter mass was discovered in her right kidney, but her previous specialists couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of the mass. Dr. McDonald was given CT scans, MRI scans and various other 2D images. He then sent these images to Ceevra, and they learned that the tumor was in a much different location than suspected by 2D imaging.

“When I was initially showed the 2D scans, I was told I may have to remove the patient’s whole kidney,” said Dr. McDonald. “When I looked at the Ceevra scan, though, it was clear that I could perform the surgery without having to do so. We were amazed at the clarity the 3D imaging can provide.”

Treatment of Kidney Disorders at AdventHealth

To learn more about the treatment of kidney disorders, including Ceevra imaging technology, get in touch with Dr. McDonald at AdventHealth Medical Group Urology at Celebration.

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