Volunteering to combat food insecurity

Working to Uplift Our Communities

From food security to better transportation, our Community Benefit programs, initiatives and partnerships work to meet the health needs of our West Florida communities.

Using the insights gained from our Community Health Needs Assessments, we work together with local community organizations and stakeholders to implement effective programs that reduce the social determinants of health that contribute to poverty, unemployment and transportation.

It’s our goal to identify specific health opportunities and implement tailored programs to boost whole-person health — for everyone in our communities.

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Addressing Social Determinants of Health

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  • Employability Strategies

    We partner with local leaders and businesses to develop collaborative employability strategies that improve job placement. In Hillsborough County, we will establish a new taskforce to increase awareness of the direct and indirect barriers faced by vulnerable populations that impact job retention rates for organizations who hire community members.

  • Health Care Education

    With the Family Healthcare Foundation, we're working to increase access to their free workshop, Navigating the Healthcare Plan. The workshop explains why health insurance is important and shares a range of low-cost or free insurance options, including KidCare, Medicaid and the Hillsborough County Health Care plan.

  • Addressing Poverty

    We support community organizations addressing poverty, including the Agency for Community Treatment Services (ACTS) and Metropolitan Ministries. ACTS will help cover the costs of household supplies in the supportive housing program and Metropolitan Ministries will help cover the costs of textbooks for adults in a self-sufficiency education program.

  • Transportation Accessibility

    A new transportation taskforce will be established in Hardee County and Highlands County to increase awareness of the impact of transportation accessibility on community health and wellness and employment sustainability for community members.

Additional Community Benefits Partnerships

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Apply for a Community Benefit Sponsorship

We collaborate with organizations and members of our community to pilot programs, sponsor initiatives and influence positive change to improve health outcomes. We welcome your organization’s request for sponsorships.