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Twin boys born on “Twos-day” at AdventHealth for Women in Winter Park

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Two for "Twos-day"

You could call it “two for Twos-day,” but for one Central Florida family, this is a very special birthday, indeed.

Infants Sawyer Cole Stevens (7 lbs., 9 ounces) and Theodore James Stevens (7 lbs., 3 ounces) were born Tuesday morning at “The Baby Place” at AdventHealth Winter Park, part of the AdventHealth for Women network. The twin boys, born to parents Andrew and Samantha Stevens of Winter Park, have the distinction of entering the world on 2/22/22 – two siblings who will never forget the significance of their date of birth.

As you may know, today’s date is a palindrome – read the same way forward as backward – and is considered a mathematical rarity because of its numerical symmetry. It is also an ambigram – the numbers read the same way up and down if arranged vertically. This date carries the distinction of highlighting the number two, as in twins, so Sawyer and Theodore will forever be paired in more ways than one (or two).

AdventHealth Winter Park team members were excited to celebrate and share the news of the twins born on this special day – a “twinning” day for these young brothers, their family members and friends.

NOTE: The family is not available for media interviews. Please respect their privacy in this matter so they may enjoy this special time with the newborn twin boys.

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