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Physician uses art to talk science while helping to create connection and heal patients

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Dr. Puxiao Cen
Puxiao Cen, M.D. is an experienced invasive cardiologist with board certification in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology, nuclear cardiology and echocardiography who works at AdventHealth Medical Group Cardiology at Orlando and Altamonte Springs.

A trip to the cardiologist can be a stressful time for anyone. That’s why Dr. Puxiao Cen incorporates art into her space, remains present with her patients and offers mindful activities – all to help them feel calm during what can be stressful office visits.

“I give them mindful activities to do, if they choose, from the time they get to the exam room to the time I walk in to check their vitals,” said Cen. “By giving them an outlet to refocus and relax, I get a truer sense of their blood pressure, and overall health, so I can better serve their needs.”

This eighth-generation physician from China, and first to practice medicine in the U.S., credits her Eastern culture and upbringing for blending science and art together to provide whole-person care. She learned the approach at an early age because it was passed down from her ancestors who were practicing this type of medicine well before it became mainstream. Add in the latest cardiac medicine, and Dr. Cen is able to mesh a holistic approach with sometimes necessary life-saving cardiac procedures.

Dr. Cen told News 13 that speaking the language and using her artistic ability can help build trust with her patients while ensuring accurate, timely medical care.

And in this Florida Medical Association member spotlight article, Dr. Cen explains how growing up in an Asian family gives her a different perspective on medicine as well as how she incorporates her artistic abilities into her discussions with patients to calm them and obtain more accurate results.

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