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Meet Our Mom: Steph W

Steph with her husband and their 3 boys

The following is a first-person account of a real family's labor and delivery experience at AdventHealth for Women.

My name is Steph! I'm a mom of three boys, all who were born at AdventHealth for Women in Altamonte Springs. I chose to have natural, non-medicated births and loved the atmosphere and everything that AdventHealth offers in their birthing suites for delivering moms! The Baby Place at AdventHealth is beautiful, with spacious rooms during Labor and Delivery and for recovery. The rooms have diffusers for essential oils, birthing tubs, birthing balls, and enough space for my family/birthing team of 12 to get comfortable while I labored.

I was so lucky to have the same Labor and Delivery nurse by my side for all three of my births. She, as well as the other nurses on each of the teams that I delivered with, was passionate about her job and helped me through each contraction and push!

My last baby was my toughest. He was delivering face up and I was nauseous and defeated through the last half of labor into delivery. The team of nurses waiting for baby, as well as those who helped me through the entire process, were amazing in their coaching skills. The nurses were able to help me ease my nausea with medication while reminding me that it's not harming my natural birthing plan and would just make it more bearable and they were right! I delivered a sunny side up baby boy within 23 minutes of pushing after hours of tedious laboring!