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Meet Our Mom: Kristie B

Kristie and Her Husband and Daughter

The following is a first-person account of a real family's labor and delivery experience at AdventHealth for Women.

Hi there, I’m Kristie!

I just wanted to share my experience as a patient at AdventHealth Altamonte Springs. I have worked for AdventHealth since 2007 and I have always bragged about the genuine compassion shown to our patients and families. But it was not until I became a patient that I truly felt our mission for Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ from the other side.

It all began after a prenatal checkup at my AdventHealth Medical Group office on June 3rd. I was not feeling my best, but at 34 weeks I was convinced that I just needed a nap. My certified nurse midwife, Jordan Skees, APRN, convinced me to go over to Labor and Delivery triage at the Altamonte Springs Baby Place. I remember walking into the lobby, passing the chapel and seeing a physician kneeling to pray. I thought, what a comforting sight to see. By the time I got to labor and delivery triage my blood pressure was extremely elevated and still climbing.

Jordan, saved my life that day and saved my baby. She is truly blessed and anointed by God to do what she does!

Gerri, Courtney and the entire triage staff treated me with so much love and compassion. They embraced me, acted very quickly to make sure I was admitted and even though I was in denial about the admission, they kept me well informed with the plan of care. A doctor came in immediately and explained that we would have to deliver my 34-week-old baby that night due to pre-eclampsia. I was hysterical. Would my baby be okay? I had not anticipated having a premature baby, and certainly not that night. How long would she be in the NICU? As I cried, several Nurse leaders rushed to my side. Nurse Leader Cindy held my hand until my husband arrived. My Nurse Jamila prepped me for surgery and even held my hand as I received the spinal anesthesia. My OB/GYN delivered our baby girl via emergency c-section that evening. He assured my husband and I that he would have our baby girl here safe and sound. Once in recovery, I was not feeling my best. The staff was very attentive and reassured my husband that everything would be okay. I ended up staying on the unit for 5 days due to unresolved pre-eclampsia postpartum. I was given several IV medications to manage my blood pressure and prevent seizures and was unable to see my baby right away. My husband went to the NICU to be with her. She was perfect! Just preterm and small. The staff at the AdventHealth Altamonte Springs Baby Place was amazing to me and my husband. Each Nurse, Doctor, EVS staff, Phlebotomist, and Nutritional Services team member showed us genuine concern and treated us like family. My Nurses, Elizabeth, Courtney, Megan, Christine, Deanna, Mary and Danni treated me like a sister. We laughed, we cried, we hugged. I was overwhelmed by the genuine love and compassion. Nurse Leader Nancy checked in on me often. She even gave me a big hug when I was finally discharged. I really want to thank the Physicians, Anesthesiology team and Nurses. The doctors and midwives, thank you all. Special thank you to Dr. Lennox, for catching my husband when he fainted. LOL

Finally, to the wonderful and amazing NICU staff. Words cannot express my gratitude for the care you all gave me, my family and my baby girl. Kamryn spent 3 ½ weeks in the NICU and was loved and cared for by the most skilled, compassionate and caring team in the world. Not only did they make the transition to NICU motherhood less stressful, they welcomed my husband and I like family and eased our anxiety about leaving Kamryn at night.

Thank you, Gloria and Betsy, from the EVS staff who prayed with me over my baby girl in the NICU. To Kristie, Kathy, Mary, Vicki, Patty, Kimberly, Kim, Sharon, Sami, Lynn, Aida, Chelsea, Cheryl, Jodi, Carrie, Jami, Wendy, Brittany, Dr. Tyree and Dr. Rawlings and the entire NICU staff who took amazing care of my baby. I am sure I am missing a few names. I could not remember them all. Thank you, Ms. Lynn, for giving me a meal ticket to eat when I left my wallet home. Thank you to all the NICU staff members who gave me new mom tips and tricks and snuggled with my baby when I had to go home to rest and heal. Thank you for your words of encouragement when I felt inadequate as a new mom. This team even went as far to braid my hair to boost my spirits when I was experiencing NICU mommy blues.

To the Sydney from Chaplain services, I thank you. Your comforting and encouraging words helped my husband and I cope through this stressful time.

Throughout my hospital stay and Kamryn’s NICU stay, the AdventHealth Altamonte Springs team has truly shown me the meaning of our mission and values. They loved me, kept me safe and made it easy. I will never forget this experience. It began with tears of fear and ended with tears of joy. We have gained an extended family. Thank you, AdventHealth Altamonte Springs, for making my family feel whole!