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Meet Our Mom: Brandy P

Brandy holding her newborn baby

The following is a first-person account of a real family's labor and delivery experience at AdventHealth for Women.

In 2019, we discovered we were having a baby and were overjoyed, but we had no idea we would be welcoming our new addition in the middle of a global pandemic. What put my mind at ease was knowing that I would be delivering my child at one of the best hospitals in Florida, AdventHealth for Women.

On the day of my scheduled c-section, we arrived at the hospital and were escorted to pre-op. We were warmly welcomed by our nurses, Lisa and Ashley, who could tell I was nervous. As they spoke with me about what to expect, the flood gates opened and cue the ugly cry as I walked them through the semi-traumatic experience of my last c-section at a different hospital. They patiently listened to my every concern and assured me they would be taking great care of me, while taking time to answer all my questions. This really helped me find a sense of peace as we got ready for the procedure.

Once I arrived in the OR, I was greeted by name from every person in the room caring for me. That extra personal touch really gave me a feeling of comfort. Throughout the procedure, my anesthesiology team, particularly Emily, gave me updates and talked to me like a friend — that played a big part in staying present and remaining calm. Once our son made his appearance (grabbing the surgical equipment as he exited!), the entire OR team cheered as if they were awaiting his arrival as much as we were. The icing on the cake was the amazing photographs the nurses took of my husband with our baby.

Soon after, we were taken to our hospital room. Every nurse and team member that helped us for those last few days were exceptional, especially Ayanna and Jennifer. And if not for my husband and I needing to wear masks when people came into our room, we would have forgotten were in the middle of a pandemic. We are so grateful for the incredible care we received and for such a compassionate and memorable experience as we welcomed our son Oliver to the world.