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Meet Our Mom: Annie L

The following is a first-person account of a real family's labor and delivery experience at AdventHealth for Women.


My name is Annie and I gave birth to my daughter at the AdventHealth Altamonte Springs location. My pregnancy was a success.

Natural birth was important to me and I was nervous about going to a birthing center, so I did some research about options in the area. I chose The Baby Place at AdventHealth for Women because of the midwives available. I had a normal pregnancy and went into labor on October 31st. Since I knew I wanted an all-natural birth, I went into labor at home until my contractions were consistently 3 minutes apart, as my midwife instructed. When I arrived at the hospital, the triage nurse informed me that it was showtime! Nurse Robin in the delivery room was tough, calm, and experienced. She was just what I needed to get through delivery and I will never forget her. Since then, I have taken my breastfeeding class with AdventHealth for Women and the nurses were all so very helpful. From the delivery room to the recovery room, they were all helpful to this new mom.

Thank you, AdventHealth Altamonte Springs,

Annie L.