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Meet Our Mom: Alex Z

Alex Z with her doctor

The following is a first-person account of a real family's labor and delivery experience at AdventHealth for Women.

When I went to AdventHealth in Altamonte for my contractions on June 17th, I never imagined that I would be having an emergency cesarean delivery.

The plan was to have a natural birthing experience to reduce the stress on my body due to my epilepsy. As I waited in one of the birthing rooms my contractions started to slow down, even after being given medication to help to induce them. When my water broke my little girl was ready to see the world but my body had not yet dilated enough ,only 4 centimeters, for me to continue going on the path of a natural birth. Because my baby was trying to push her way out but couldn’t actually make it through, her heart rate started to dip and fluctuate. The birthing staff was incredible during that scary moment and made the decision that it would be best to have an emergency C-section.

When the time came for me to go back into surgery I was extremely scared and nervous undergoing such a major surgical procedure. I am so grateful I had such amazing doctors and nurses who made the experience less stressful. Dr. Hoover was incredible and to be honest I never felt a thing. The next thing I know I hear her crying and being transported over to the little baby station. I never cried so much out of pure happiness in my life.

The great experience carried over into recovery as the nursing staff helped make the transition over to parenthood an easy one. They took great care of both my baby and me that when it comes time for my second child I am definitely choosing AdventHealth again.