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Sharlene’s Transformation to Health and Happiness Through Bariatric Surgery

Sharlene wrapping her hands up with tape.

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Sharlene tried to lose weight for years, but it wasn’t until she had bariatric surgery that she was able to transform her life. Suffering complications of obesity with chronic conditions such as sleep apnea and high blood pressure, she knew she had to make a change that would have an impact.

Sharlene lost over 130 pounds and counting following her weight loss surgery, performed by Gustavo Bello, MD, FACS, at AdventHealth in September of 2022. And she couldn’t be happier with her new life.

Sharlene’s Experience

Sharlene says making her decision was “very scary” as people around her discouraged her and said she should just lose the weight herself after having tried everything for years. We all need a leg up when it comes to major transitions and prioritizing our health, and Sharlene chose bariatric surgery.

“My confidence skyrocketed,” she says. “I’m very excited about going shopping and going through my friends’ closets. This experience opened up so many opportunities for me for things I normally would not do. I’m pushing myself to the extreme.”

Open to Possibilities

On the effectiveness of weight loss surgery, Dr. Bello explains, “Bariatric surgery means we’re going to make necessary changes to the patient’s anatomy to help eliminate the disease of obesity. It requires a good amount of effort, commitment, and plenty of discipline. Even though it won’t make it easier, it makes it possible. And that’s the biggest difference.”

The Human Spirit Has No Limit

“I can do anything,” are Sharlene’s inspiring words of advice to pass along to anyone wanting to change their life through bariatric surgery. Request an appointment at You deserve to feel whole.

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