Know Where to Go: How to Find the Right Place for Care If You’re Sick or Hurt

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If you’re new to Central Florida, you might still be getting to know the area — the fastest way to work, your kids’ bus route and the best places to eat. But we want to make sure you also add medical care to your list. Learning where to go if you get sick or injured now, before a medical emergency strikes, can help you avoid stress when it matters.

If you’re facing one of these 35 or so conditions — or any other medical emergency — consider AdventHealth’s Care Network. Depending on your condition, you have five main options: the eCare app, urgent care, a family doctor, an emergency department or sports medicine and rehabilitation.


Urgent Care

Sports Medicine

Family Doctor

Emergency Room

eCare app







Back Pain





Chest Pain





Cold, Flu or Fever









Coughing up blood





Cuts (stitches)





Deep wounds









Difficulty breathing





Ear infection



Fractures (broken bone, not visible)





Fractures (broken bone is visible)









Heart attack (suspected)









Major head injury





Major trauma (sudden physical injury)





Minor burns




Nausea (feeling like you may vomit)



Pink eye



Poison exposure or swallowing*





Rash (and other skin conditions, like poison ivy and eczema)









Severe allergic reactions





Severe burns










Sinus infection



Snake bite





Sore Throat












Uncontrollable breathing





Urinary tract infections






*If you’re having a medical emergency, please call 911.

*If you believe you or a child swallowed a poison, call Poison Control at Call1-800-222-1222.

Phone contacts:

Emergency room: Varies by hospital.

Family Medicine Doctors: Call407-630-8456

AdventHealth for Children: Call407-303-5437

Sports Concussion Program: Call407-303-8012

Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation: Call407-303-8080

Urgent care: Call407-200-2273

We hope this arms you with knowledge and peace of mind as you settle into your new community. We’re so glad you’re here!

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