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Why Your Maternity Care Choices Matter

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For moms-to-be, having personalized, reliable prenatal and postpartum care you can count on is essential. The Joint Commission (TJC), a national organization that accredits health care facilities in collaboration with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), is working to standardize maternal care across the country through the Maternal Levels of Care (MLC) Verification program matching patients to the appropriate level of care to reduce risks and improve outcomes.

We’re pleased to share that four AdventHealth locations in Central Florida have earned a designation through this program, illustrating our unwavering commitment to providing safe and trustworthy maternal care.

The First in Florida to Receive the Highest Designation

AdventHealth for Women Orlando recently became the first facility in Florida to earn a Level IV MLC designation, the highest ranking available. “This is a significant achievement that validates the levels of maternity care we provide to the women we serve,” shares Rizwana Fareeduddin, MD, Executive Medical Director, AdventHealth for Women. In addition, our Altamonte Springs, Celebration and Winter Park hospitals were verified with a Level II designation.

This MLC Verification program helps give expecting mothers peace of mind, knowing that their hospital will have the right resources, equipment, teams and processes for their specific pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care needs. Receiving any level verification involves a comprehensive hospital review by The Joint Commission to verify what level of care that facility can provide.

Keep reading to learn more about the four ranking levels a facility can receive and why they matter for your pregnancy.

Level I: Basic Care

Level I facilities can provide care for low to moderate-risk pregnancies and deliveries. These facilities can perform cesarean deliveries and always have basic obstetric ultrasonography equipment and interpretation available. Should the need arise, these facilities are qualified to detect, stabilize and manage unanticipated circumstances during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum until a team can safely transfer you to a facility where specialty care is available. For an uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancy, Level I facilities can meet all your prenatal and postpartum needs, and they’ll be able to transfer you elsewhere if needed.

Level II: Specialty Care

Level II facilities are equipped to handle any situation a Level I facility can manage, as well as moderate-to-high-risk situations during pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. These facilities have additional imaging capabilities compared to Level I facilities. In addition, specialty care facilities guarantee to have an OB/GYN and anesthesiologist, as well as general surgeons and internal medicine physicians, available onsite at all times.

“Our highly skilled team members at each of our Level II MLC hospitals are ready to help you welcome your baby into the world and provide compassionate care to both mom and baby during your postpartum stay,” shares Dr. Fareeduddin.

Level III: Subspecialty Care

Facilities verified as Level III MLC locations can handle more complex maternal or fetal medical conditions and obstetric complications. In addition to the care available at the preceding ranked levels, Level III hospitals have all blood components available onsite, should they be needed, as well as advanced imaging available at all times. These facilities also have onsite medical and surgical ICUs with adult critical care providers physically present around the clock.

Level IV: Regional Perinatal Health Care Centers

In addition to the care available at Level I, II and III MLC facilities, a Level IV MLC facility can provide onsite medical and surgical care for even the most complex maternal conditions women face through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. All high-risk pregnancies are in capable hands at Level IV MLC hospitals.

“As the first in Florida, our Level IV MLC ranking ensures you can expect the right care for you and your baby, no matter the circumstance,” says Dr. Fareeduddin. “The Joint Commission reviewed our policies, standard operating procedures, multidisciplinary collaboration and workflows, clinical availability and resources to verify that AdventHealth for Women Orlando is able to provide the highest level of obstetric care available.”

Maternity Services to Help You Feel Whole

AdventHealth for Women remains committed to improving maternal health outcomes by providing high quality, equitable, patient-centered care for our communities. No matter the level of your prenatal and postpartum needs, you can rest easy knowing AdventHealth will be with you every step of the way. Our highly trained and compassionate obstetric teams are ready to serve you at all levels of care.

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