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How We’re Social Distancing During In-Person Visits to Keep You Safe

An AdventHealth employee measuring 6 feet for social distancing.
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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend putting a safe distance between you and other people. As part of the many safety steps we’re taking to keep you safe, we’re continuing to follow social distancing for health care appointments. We’re doing everything we can to protect you as you get back on track with your health care needs so you can feel better about getting in-person care.

At your next health care appointment, you’ll notice some changes at your physician’s office, Centra Care clinic or hospital. We’ve moved things around and updated some processes, all to protect you and your loved ones. This will help you practice social distancing and keep you and your family safe as you get the care you need.

Here are a few social distancing measures you might see at your next appointment.

When you seek outpatient care — for instance, at your physician’s office or a Centra Care clinic — your visit may proceed like this:

  • You’ll check in with your mobile device from your car (not available at all AdventHealth facilities)

  • You may be able to wait in your car or outside until your doctor is ready for you

  • You may be able to check out from your phone, too

Clear Shields Keep You, and the Staff, Protected

Any time you need to register or check out in person, you’ll likely notice clear, protective shields between you and our receptionist. This protects everyone participating in the conversation, and is one more safety step we’re taking to ensure our team members’ and your safety.

Seat Covers and Floor Markers Help You Stay a Safe Distance Apart

When you enter one of our waiting rooms, you’ll never encounter a crowd. Chairs will be spaced 6 feet or more apart. In some cases, you’ll see covers on chairs that designate that they should remain empty.

You may see stickers on the floor, too, measuring 6 feet apart. These are provided so that you won’t have to guess or wonder whether you’re allowing enough distance. We’re making it as simple as possible to stay safe.

Fewer Visitors Will Be Present

Another way we’re keeping you safe in our hospitals is by reducing the number of visitors who can be present at any given time. At many (not all) AdventHealth facilities, each patient may have one visitor per day during their stay. Your visitor will be asked to wear a mask, just like you are. They’ll also undergo a temperature check before they enter the building.

This new visitor policy means you can still have a loved one or health care advocate there to support you. You, your visitors and other patients and families can stay safer in less crowded spaces.

Virtual Visits With Your Doctor Are Still Available

We want to give you the health care you need at your comfort level. If you’re not ready to get in-person care, you can still receive health care in the comfort of your own home. We’ve continued to increase the availability of video visits. Talk with your physician or specialist about the virtual care options they’re offering right now. If your appointment doesn’t require hands-on care, you may be able to schedule a video visit. All you’ll need is your computer, a tablet or your smartphone.

We’re Social Distancing for You and Our Community

Your whole health matters more than anything else. That’s why we’ve made these changes in how we’re offering care during this time. We want you to be able to see your physician for preventive care, treatment and follow-up appointments with confidence in your safety.

We’re grateful to you for doing your part to comply with our new protocols. Together, we are continuing to make a difference in our community.

When You’re Ready, We’re Ready to Care for You

We’re here for you at all times, as close — or as distant — as you need us. Rest assured that we’re taking safety steps at all AdventHealth facilities to keep you safe when you get in-person care. Learn more at

Our Visitor Policy may have changed since this blog/article was posted. Please click here for an updated version of our visitor policies.

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