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Whole Health Evaluations Can Help You Feel Your Best

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Whole-person integrative medicine focused on healing you in mind, body and spirit. It's more than fixing what’s wrong. It’s about celebrating what’s right and making sure you’re on the path to a healthier, stronger you.

“I’m not feeling my best, but can’t figure out why.” I hear this phrase often from patients and it’s actually the most popular reason patients have established care with me over the last year. Many are already clued into the connection of higher stress, lack of routine, not exercising as much, and not paying attention to diet, but they need a jumpstart to tackling those goals.

I still see patients for digestive concerns and hormonal changes, because stress, lack of routine, diet and lack of exercise can be connected with digestive health and hormonal health. But some patients who have been otherwise well over the years are now feeling more sluggish, less motivated and find themselves pushing through at 3 pm to make it to bedtime. Some have gained weight and are not sleeping well, or they are more irritable with family and friends. Many are trying to get back to more healthful routines, but struggling to do so. If this is you or a loved one, read on.

  1. Get updated labs. At Whole Health Institute, we can help customize a focused lab work up to evaluate what I commonly refer to as “low hanging fruit”. I’m an advocate for screening patients for nutritional deficiencies, as these are typically very easy to address in the short term.
  2. Supplement evaluation. You may be wondering if a supplement could benefit you or maybe you are taking supplements and not sure if you need them or if you are taking them correctly. It might be time for a supplement evaluation. The goal is to not load patients with supplements, but instead find out if using a supplement to target a goal might be beneficial.
  3. Review your current routine, diet and overall health goals. At Whole Health Institute, we can customize a plan that is individualized to you.

If you are a previous or new patient, I encourage you to make an appointment by calling 913-632-3550. Be sure to bring any supplements you are taking to the appointment as well as any updated labs from outside the AdventHealth system.

About the Author

Megan Schlick, ND

Megan Schlick, ND

Dr. Schlick has special training in nutritional medicine, herbal medicine and lifestyle modifications and she is an expert in identifying nutrient deficiencies and accurately prescribing nutritional and herbal supplements. Much of her practice focuses on evaluation into the root cause of your symptoms, with much focus on digestive health, hormonal health, immune health and nutritional status. With overall wellness in mind, she works with patients to develop an individualized plan to treat illness and support optimal health.

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