Nurse stands at the bedside of a woman in the hospital.
Extended Care When You Need It

The Swing Bed Program

After your stay in the hospital, you may find you still need medical help or additional rehabilitation. If you're covered by Medicare and have been discharged from the hospital in the last 30 days, you may be allowed to receive additional care in a skilled nursing facility through our Swing Bed Program.

In order to participate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have been in the hospital or rehabilitation center within the last 30 days
  • Stayed in the hospital as an inpatient for three full days during that time
  • Require extra medical care that is directly related to your last hospital stay under Medicare
  • Have days remaining on your skilled nursing Part A, 100-day benefit period through Medicare
  • Have doctor’s orders to receive extra care at a skilled nursing facility

If you have questions about your eligibility, we're happy to assist you. Please give us a call today.

Two older women laugh together while sitting on a bed.

What It Means to Feel Whole

For some, it’s an invigorating plunge into a pool. It’s juicing carrots and counting steps. Or taking a personal day to mentally reset. For others, it’s learning how to walk again. Reading bedtime stories. Or finding the strength to conquer cancer. For us, it’s everything that supports your whole health. And no matter what feel whole means to you, we are here to help you embrace it with world-class expertise and compassionate whole-person care.