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Life Cycle: An Orthopedic Surgeon Talks About Biking

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Whether you’re an avid cyclist who rides every day, or you simply enjoy pedaling through the neighborhood from time to time, biking is a great, healthy, low-impact activity. Here’s what orthopedic surgeon, Antony Denard, Jr., MD, had to say about the sport he enjoys so much.

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How serious of a cyclist are you?

Dr. Denard: I’ve been doing it for 10 years, competitively and recreationally. I ride several times per week, with each ride being about 40 to 100 miles. I also enjoy doing charity rides.

What should people know about bicyclist, from an orthopedic surgeon's point of view?

Dr. Denard: Cycling is actually a very forgiving sport in terms of your joints. It’s excellent in improving and maintaining range of motion, and has great benefits for joint mobility without taxing your joints. It’s a sport that allows people of all experience levels to participate. From beach cruisers to road bikes, and even stationary spin bikes, there’s something for everyone of all levels and ages.

What kinds of orthopedic injuries are associated with cycling?

Dr. Denard: Most biking injuries are tied to a fall or accident. That’s why the most common orthopedic injuries are clavicle, hip or wrist fractures — also wrist, neck and back strains or sprains. Overuse injuries related to cycling are highly uncommon. But there is a risk of falling, especially as you get older, so fractures become more likely.

What treatment options are there for biking injuries?

Dr. Denard: Surgery isn’t always necessary for fractures. But if it is, at AdventHealth we offer Mako robotic-assisted surgery, which is an extremely precise, minimally invasive option that’s highly effective for joint replacement, too. Non-surgical options include physical therapy, pain management and other conservative treatments.

What is your advice to someone who wants to start biking more?

Dr. Denard: I recommend getting good cycling shorts and a comfortable seat. Adjust your bike to an upright position to avoid some of the injuries we see.

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About Dr. Denard

Dr. Denard is an orthopedic surgeon with experience in a wide range of orthopedic surgical procedures for patients ages 16 and older. He operates at AdventHealth Palm Coast — the area’s only Joint Commission-Certified Center of Excellence for hip, knee and shoulder replacement. To make an appointment, call Call386-232-9210 or visit VolusiaFlaglerOrtho.com.

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