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Budget cuts, due to healthcare reform, has caused the online broadcasting of medical training programs to become more prevalent than ever before. The Nicholson Center has adapted to these changes and invested in technology to help create accessible and flexible learning experiences to reach attendees around the world. Inflating costs is adding to the reason that in-person medical training courses are moving to the virtual medium because the cost of hotels, airfare, and meals.

The Nicholson Center provides a media production solution through our intricate broadcast system to help reach larger audiences, and connect learners with the top experts in their field. Our live web streaming service allows multiple participants to join. These training sessions can be streamed domestically and internationally. This can be done through one direction viewing, or can be bi-directional so that all the participants can see and communicate with each other. This is effective when 300 surgeons from around the world who want watch a doctor performing a new procedure or working with a new device so viewers can interact with him/her live.

But what happens after the live courses? The Nicholson Center provides recorded documentation of events. In order to provide medical training courses with in-depth course documentation, our “Fly Pack” mobile production studio can shoot the presentations and lab demonstrations from multiple angles, as well as video editing the footage to create highlight videos, once the course is complete.

We believe medical education and innovation should never take a backseat due to budget constraints. Visit our Digital Services page to learn more about how we can help put the spotlight on your event through effective and affordable technology.

View this sample of what we can produce for you:

Watch a Sample Highlight Video Here

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