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When we all entered the healthcare field we all knew that we started the process of life-long learning. As technology continues to rapidly develop, our learning needs continue to grow in order to provide safe quality healthcare to our patients. The Nicholson Center serves as a center of excellence for healthcare education, and we work every day with industry and healthcare providers worldwide to deliver innovative educational programs.


As a Focused ACS Accredited Education Institute, we believe strongly in leveraging technology to deliver an engaging educational experience for our clinical learners. We strive to find better ways to deliver training through the use of simulation, performance analytics, video learning, and hands-on laboratory experiences. We find creative ways to bring clinical experiences into the learning environment.

One of these methods is utilizing our B-Hive technology to broadcast live surgical procedures into the academic environment. This allows us to bring the clinical expert into the academic environment and provide expert instruction to our clinical learners without having to travel away from their clinical practice. Leveraging this technology allows our course attendees to benefit from instruction from world class experts from multiple healthcare specializations. The B-Hive allows up to 500 unique users to log in via their smartphone, tablet, computer or conference room setting to connect with a bi-directional communication between the live surgery where they are located.


In an effort to move away from classroom lectures, we are incorporating more experiential learning technologies such as audience response systems that allow for interaction and engagement with our course attendees. We also incorporate both virtual reality and augmented reality simulation into our programs. The majority of our learning laboratories are paired with simulation activities that allows our faculty to analyze the performance of our learners and target the appropriate areas for improvement. We find that a blended learning experience combined with a highly specialized and international faculty, provides a great experiential mix that engages our learners and facilitates improvement in their clinical skills.


Our Nicholson Center Education Team is always working to improve the educational experience we provide our attendees. The courses we offer at the Nicholson Center range from specialized 2-person training programs to larger 40 to 100 person symposiums. We currently offer courses in 7 different specialties and have faculty from 16 countries help to disseminate their knowledge and expertise. I encourage you to check out the conferences and courses we offer, and we look forward to seeing you here in central Florida.


Author Spotlight

Todd Larson, RN, BSN, MSIT, CNOR is the Director of Education and Training at the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center. He leads and facilitates education and training efforts with internal, external, and industry clients with the development of training programs that build competency for the healthcare team. Prior to joining the Nicholson Center team, Todd was the Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer for Mimic Technologies, Inc and served the US Navy for 23 years as Program Manager and Nursing Supervisor for the Telerobotics and Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Program at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


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