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The Accredited Education Institutes, or AEI, is an accreditation granted to a few of the best simulation-based medical education facilities throughout the world. This accreditation is given by the American College of Surgeons, in order to promote the quality of surgical training and establish a highly competitive standard.

AEI Accreditation at the Nicholson Center

On June 16th, The American College of Surgeons’ Accreditation Review Committee Members decided to entrust the Nicholson Center with an accreditation as a Focused Education Institute. This accreditation, which is valid for the next five years, places the Nicholson Center amongst 93 of the finest AEIs worldwide. As a part of this elite network, the Nicholson Center aligns itself with the goals of the ACS. It pledges to use simulation technology to promote the development of the safest, most ergonomic surgical practices, and to tirelessly enhance upon its already state-of-the-art procedures to pioneer innovative new approaches to implement in the medical field.

Maintaining our Degree of Excellence

Not only is the AEI accreditation an affirmation of the current quality of the Nicholson Center’s operational status, it is also a conduit to maintaining this caliber in the future. The ACS provide AEIs with a benchmarking system by which they can evaluate their current standings and their progress over time. They also suggest ways by which AEIs can grow. All of these factors complement each other to create a productive environment in which AEIs like the Nicholson Center can stay ahead of the curve over time. The Nicholson Center has historically always kept up with the latest medical technologies, and looks forward to maintaining this habit.

Our Commitment to Progress

As part of under 100 AEIs to have received this accreditation worldwide, the Nicholson Center is honored to have been granted this accreditation. The Nicholson Center looks forward to a relentless pursuit of excellence in surgical education with these new, expansive resources and connections at its fingertips. Visit our calendar to find the course for you.


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