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What is Mobile Mammography?

We’re making it easier than ever to get this important preventive screening by bringing our mammogram technicians and technology close to where you live and work. We have three coach buses that have been professionally converted to rolling medical offices complete with reception, waiting area, changing rooms and a mammography suite with a Hologic 3D mammogram system. With comfort and privacy, you can get an annual screening mammogram in as little as ten minutes and be on your way. Your results are sent to you and your doctor (if provided).

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Who Is Eligible to Receive a Mammogram?

Any female age 40 or older (women ages 35 to 39 may receive a screening if prescribed by their doctor), who has not received a screening mammogram within the past year is eligible. This will be considered your annual well-women screening mammogram.

You are not considered eligible if you have been treated for breast cancer within the past five years, are currently experiencing symptoms in your breasts, are currently pregnant or haven’t stopped breastfeeding for at least five months. If you have further questions regarding your eligibility, please call us at Call813-601-1925.

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What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Please bring your insurance card and pre-registration forms. If you are 35 to 39 years old, bring the required prescription from your doctor. We provide wipes and deodorant on the bus, but you may also bring your own.

More Information

Learn what to expect, get answers to your questions and read about 3D mammography.

Making Preventive Care Convenient

As part of the AdventHealth network of care, we’re dedicated to making mammograms quick and easy for people across the Tampa Bay area. To make follow-up care just as convenient, we work closely with other health care providers in the area who provide post-mammography screening care.

With no prescription or referral needed, and zero cost to you with most major insurances accepted, request a coach to visit your location today.

An Important Note About Our Services

Our mobile mammography bus offers only screening mammograms (routine, annual exams for people with no current breast problems). If you are 35 to 39 years old, you need a prescription from your physician for a screening mammogram. If you are 40 or older, no prescription is required. If you currently have concerns regarding your breast health (e.g., a lump you can feel, nipple discharge, pain, dimpling of the breast or nipple changes), please discuss your symptoms with your doctor as soon as possible.