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PlantWise Was Created to Be Shared

We all need a little motivational push sometimes. That’s why we created PlantWise — to give people who want to change their health trajectory the encouragement they need to embrace a whole-food, plant-based diet.

In PlantWise, national lifestyle medicine experts expose the results of poor lifestyle choices. They explain why it’s so difficult to break the cycle of bad habits and the powerful benefits of eating whole plants. Sharing PlantWise with your patients can inspire them to strive for a better, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Resources for You and Your Patients

Bring plant-based nutrition to your practice or health care facility and motivate your patients through the PlantWise film. Some physicians believe so strongly in the science presented in the film that they now prescribe certain patients to watch it as part of their treatment. Below you’ll find resources to help you create your own PlantWise program and learn from like-minded physicians across the country.

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  • Dr. George Guthrie talking about the physician application of the PlantWise documentary.

    Project PlantWise: The Film Study

    Inspiring patients to make meaningful lifestyle changes can be challenging, even with the scientific evidence to support prevention and, in many cases, reversal of chronic conditions, such as heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Dr. George Guthrie shares how his team used the PlantWise film to encourage lifestyle change in outpatient clinics and inpatient hospital settings.

  • PlantWise Documentary Provider Resource Kit cover.

    Project PlantWise: Resource Kit for Providers

    AdventHealth shares the materials and processes used to establish the PlantWise program into the patient-record standing-order system, communicate the film to patients, build the after-film questionnaire and create the resources webpage for further support in transitioning to a whole-food, plant-based lifestyle. Includes models, templates, suggested processes and graphics.

  • PlantWise Documentary Pilot Study Review cover.

    Project PlantWise Pilot Project: Using the PlantWise Film in a Healthcare Setting

    Before the film's national release, PlantWise was embedded into the AdventHealth Winter Park Hospital order system so that patients diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes would be given a standing order by their physician to watch the PlantWise film. The film was the cornerstone of a patient education program to motivate hospitalized patients with diabetes to make intensive lifestyle changes guided by expanded existing programs with demonstrated effectiveness.

  • Full Plate Living logo.

    Share Plant Focused Nutrition Programs at No Cost

    Full Plate Living helps your patients take small doable steps to add more whole,unprocessed plant foods to meals they’re already eating. Included for free are plant-focused nutrition classes, live workshops and a private community for support. Full Plate Living programs are a free service provided by Ardmore Institute of Health.

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Additional Resources

We hope watching PlantWise gets you and your patients excited about plant-based diet benefits. Once you’ve seen the film, keep your interest in plant-based living going with resources designed to help your patients follow a whole-food, plant-based diet. From training opportunities and certification programs (some at no cost) to free cookbooks that can teach you how to cook whole-food, plant-based diet recipes, we can help you and your patients connect to valuable information.

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Have Questions? Talk to Us

Becoming PlantWise requires a shift in mindset and the readjustment of everyday habits. We can help you support your patients as they make these changes, so they can successfully transition to plant-based living and a healthier lifestyle. Reach out to us — we’re here to support you and your patients every step of the way.