A group of older adults laughing while in a Bible study together.

Fostering a Strong Foundation for Collaboration

We’re committed to bolstering the spiritual health of the communities we serve. Our faith community strategy creates a framework for collaboration between AdventHealth and our surrounding faith communities, including houses of worship, schools and other faith-based community resources.

Beyond providing expert medical assistance, each of our 53 hospitals has developed a faith community strategic plan in collaboration with community members, with goals and metrics unique to each area.

These collaborations with community partners result in deeper and more meaningful relationships that foster a greater understanding of the communities we serve. They encourage the sharing of resources, promote a greater sense of wholeness for our team members and enhance our patients’ lives and the communities themselves.

Understanding Our Faith Communities

Using a geographic information system (GIS) map, we are using technology and data to better understand each faith community within the neighborhoods and areas we serve to make our collaborative efforts more effective. Learn more with our Faith Community Strategy Guidebook and example map image.

Connect With Us

Learn how you can partner with us to provide vital resources to help our surrounding communities achieve greater physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.