AdventHealth EpicCare® Link

AdventHealth EpicCare® Link™ is a secure Web portal that connects you to the information stored in AdventHealth’s EMR for your referred and admitted patients.

As your patients receive care from us, we’ll send you notifications and updates. You’ll have the information you need to plan patients’ ongoing care and they’ll feel better, knowing that you’re up to speed on all the care they receive.

Refer patients from your browser.

You can request consults, schedule appointments, place orders, and send messages to our providers directly from your browser. We’ll send you confirmations and patient updates in real-time.

We’ll keep you informed about their care.

With automatic messages about important events, you can have the latest information about your patients’ treatment.

We’ll notify you to log in to see:

  • Lab, imaging, and test results
  • Hospital admissions
  • Discharge summaries
  • PACS images
  • Consultation notes
  • Orders placed by our physicians
  • ... and more

It’s all online - no software to install.

This online portal provides secure, convenient access to patient information through your browser – when and where you need it.

Your access is easy to set up and there’s no software or hardware to maintain, so you can concentrate on caring for your patients.

EpicCare Link Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Question: What is EpicCare Link?


    EpicCare Link is a secure web portal that connects physician offices to patient information stored in the AdventHealth EMR system for your referred and admitted patients. As your patients receive care at an AdventHealth facility, you will receive notifications and updates through the portal. This information will be available to assist with the plan of care for your patients.

  • Question: How does EpicCare Link work?


    EpicCare Link provides registered users with secure access to their patient’s electronic health record information and test results from AdventHealth.

  • Question: How do I sign up for EpicCare Link?

    To become a registered user and entity, please contact the AdventHealth Support Center at Call1-800-873-4024 or speak to your AdventHealth Physician Informatics Office Liaison to request access.

    The initial process entails completing a registration form to obtain an individual username and password for access to the application.

  • Question: Why do I need access?


    EpicCare Link can improve patient care by allowing registered users to view a patient’s clinical history, test results, clinical reports, and images. Clinicians have access to real-time notifications when patients are admitted to an AdventHealth hospital and are also able to utilize secure messaging to and from AdventHealth medical staff regarding patient care.

  • Question: What computer equipment will I need?


    To access EpicCare Link, you will need a computer with an internet connection. EpicCare Link incorporates encryption technology, ensuring that only you have access. There is no software or hardware to maintain.

  • Question: Is there a fee for using AdventHealth EpicCare Link?


    AdventHealth provides EpicCare Link as a service and there is no cost associated with having this access.

  • Question: When will EpicCare Link become available?


    Below is the schedule for the AdventHealth implementation of EpicCare Link in the Florida region.

    · March 6, 2022

    Central Florida North Region (AdventHealth Daytona Beach, AdventHealth Deland, AdventHealth Fish, AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach, AdventHealth Palm Coast, and AdventHealth Waterman) and Polk Region (AdventHealth Heart of Florida and AdventHealth Lake Wales).

    · July 24, 2022

    Central Florida South Region (AdventHealth Apopka, AdventHealth Altamonte, AdventHealth Winter Garden, AdventHealth Winter Park, AdventHealth Orlando, AdventHealth East Orlando, AdventHealth Celebration, and AdventHealth Kissimmee).

    · December 4, 2022

    West Florida Region (AdventHealth Carrollwood, AdventHealth Connerton, AdventHealth Dade City, AdventHealth Lake Placid, AdventHealth North Pinellas, AdventHealth Ocala, AdventHealth Sebring, AdventHealth Tampa, AdventHealth Wauchula, AdventHealth Wesley Chapel, AdventHealth Zephyrhills) and Redmond

  • Question: Is training required to use EpicCare Link?


    EpicCare Link does not require training. AdventHealth will have links within the EpicCare Link tool to an EpicCare Link Training Guide for easy reference as you navigate the system, and to short video’s that highlight key functionality and can be reviewed at your convenience.

  • Question: Can I share my EpicCare Link username and password with someone else?


    No, you should NEVER share your username and password in any circumstance. When you agree to the terms and conditions of using EpicCare Link, you agree to keep this information private and not allow anyone else to use this information.
    You are responsible for any activity that occurs when logged into the system with your username and password. It is your responsibility to exit the system when you are done accessing the information.
    Anyone accessing EpicCare Link should have their own username and password. To obtain a username and password, please contact the Office Manager and submit the registration form to the local AdventHealth facility.

  • Question: Can EpicCare Link providers contact the AdventHealth provider who treated a patient with questions about test results?


    Yes, users can communicate directly via EpicCare Link’s “In Basket” message feature for non-time-sensitive items and will want to keep in mind that written communication is subject to disclosure in legal proceedings.

  • Question: What does it mean to be a Site Supervisor with EpicCare Link?


    Each Provider’s office will need to identify a Site Supervisor, which typically is expected to be the Office Manager. This individual will be responsible for attesting every 90 days to the resources in the office to confirm if the resource is still working or if they are no longer with the office and thus need to be inactivated. There is a short video available via the Quick Links in EpicCare Link that discusses the Site Supervisors’ role and process for attesting.

  • Question: Upon initial log-on, will there be a Terms of User document for each end-user?


    Upon initial login to EpicCare Link, end-users will need to read the AdventHealth Epic Care Link Terms of Use and agree to the conditions outlined before proceeding.

  • Question: Does EpicCare Link replace access to Cerner for office staff users?


    Yes, EpicCare Link will be the access utilized by office staff that may have had access to Cerner previously.

  • Question: When I order a test electronically, do I have to look in EpicCare Link for the results?


    Results routing from AdventHealth with EpicCare Link is either through the EpicCare Link In Basket or via Fax. If your office currently receives results through the Cypress/Reports Inbox tool today, your office will begin to receive results through the EpicCare Link In Basket.

    If your office currently receives results from AdventHealth via fax, your office will continue to receive results in that manner. As offices begin to utilize EpicCare Link, AdventHealth looks forward to connecting with our offices to share the benefits of getting results via In Basket.

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