What to Look for in Terms of Imaging for Your Training Event

Physician working with medical equipment
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How would you like to hold a training course in a facility with a certified X-ray tech and a state of the art C-arm? It’s important to have a certified and trained technologist in with you during your labs so that they can provide the best quality imaging for your needs. Being attached to an award winning hospital allows us to fulfill all of your imaging needs from C-arm imaging, CT’s, MRI’s and X-ray. It is also important to consider the safety of your attendees, which is why wearing full wrap around lead is necessary and is provided for you.


When choosing a location to host your lab that requires the use of any type of imaging, it’s important to make sure there is a certified technologist working there. These technologists need to have a license from the state and be accredited by ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologist). They should be required to keep up with continuing education credits as well. This is all to ensure they are up to date on any of the changes that happen in the medical world. Having a consistent radiologic technologist working in your labs will ensure the best possible imaging for you and your attendees. This gives the technologist the ability to learn the ins and outs of your procedure making it easy on you.


Being affiliated with an Award Winning Hospital like Florida Hospital is essential to be able to fulfill your imaging needs. In addition to having a C-arm in house, CT’s and MRI’s can be obtained through the hospital prior to or following your lab for any pre-op and post-op imaging needs.


The location that you chose to host your lab should provide you with the radiation protection that is needed. Having a clean piece of lead in top quality and an array of sizes for your attendee to wear will help them feel safe while learning in the lab. To ensure full protection wrap around lead with a thyroid shield is recommended for anyone who is going to be within 6 feet of the radiation.


My name is Kaylee and I have worked for Florida Hospital for nearly four years. For my first year I worked as an X-ray tech at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. After about a year I joined the Nicholson Center to work as a lab technician. With cross-training, I was able to learn about both lab logistics, as well as, continue my work as a certified x-ray technician. I have the opportunity to work with a variety of labs ranging from laparoscopic, orthopedic, pain management, cardiac and many more. As the certified x-ray tech I work with our clients to better understand their needs so that I can serve them with little to no direction which allows me to do exactly what they need without them asking. This allows the client to feel less stressed and can show how simple and easy their procedure can be to the surgeons or groups of people they are teaching it to.


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