Verb Surgical: Changing the Way We Do Robotic Surgery

Physician working with medical equipment
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Verily keeps popping up in the news, but why is it making all of the headlines? Verily Life Sciences was recently announced as Google’s new life sciences company. The company is joining forces with Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company, Ethicon, to create Verb Surgical with the goal of developing robots and surgical platforms aimed at helping surgeons in the operating room.Google Life Sciences, now Verily, was the company that developed medical inventions such as glucose-checking contact lenses and disease detecting nanoparticles. According to STAT, Verily’s CEO Andy Conrad said, “Verily’s focus is a shift from conventional medical technologies from reactive to proactive and from intervention to prevention.”

According to Wired, although it is not certain what Verb Surgical will develop first, there is an idea that the focus will be on robot assisted technologies controlled by doctors for delicate surgical procedures. One thing is certain: robotic surgery has brought major innovations to medical treatment. In the past, surgeons had to stand in one place and hold a position for extended periods of time while performing a procedure. Today, telesurgery allows medical professionals to work in a different location than the patient while still giving the surgeon complete control over minimally-invasive procedures.

We are anxious to see the how the partnership of Google and Johnson & Johnson is going to advance the robotic and medical industries in the near future.

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