Utilizing Learning Management Systems in Medical Education

Physicians working together
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Florida Hospital Nicholson Center research scientist, Danielle Julian-Tedrick, breaks down how the Nicholson Center uses a Learning Management System (LMS) to help train medical practitioners all over the globe.

Our first experience using a Learning Management System was when we created our Fundamentals of Robotic Surgery team training video game. The game was created utilizing Moodle, an open-sourced LMS, and allowed for us to track data and progress of surgeons as they practiced the most effective ways to communicate with their operating room teams.

As we are shifting our focus at the Nicholson Center towards training medical personnel to improve patient care, we have begun to utilize a new LMS to help us towards this goal. Echelon helps us to manage medical education data, track training progress, and provide learning on a digital platform. Everything from registering for classes to taking the courses, can be done on one platform.

To learn more about the courses we offer, like our Basic Robotic Surgical Course, visit our training page.


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