Tips to Help Residents and Fellows Feel at Home

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Majority of the time, medical personnel partaking in residencies and fellowships, have to move to another city to complete their medical training programs. This could mean living in an apartment or condo for a year or two. We asked the Orlando Apartment Experts at for their best tips on settling into temporary apartments in Orlando, and they provided their top five tips for making a temporary space feel like home!

Settling in and connecting with a new city is a challenge for every renter, but in a situation when you will only call the city home for a couple of years, it can be especially hard to create a space that truly feels like home. After long shifts at the hospital, it is important to be able to come home and feel like you belong in your new space. Try incorporating these five tips into your new apartment and lifestyle, and your temporary apartment will feel like home in no time!

Unpack and Get Settled in As Soon As Possible

It has happened to the best of us, you move in to a new space, and before you know it, three months have gone by and there are still sealed boxes waiting to be unpacked in the spare room of your two-bedroom apartment. As soon as you move in, set aside some extra time to unpack all the boxes right away, and to get organized. You’ll feel more at home knowing that everything is tidy and in the right place, and you’ll likely save time in the long run since you won’t have to dig through boxes to find your favorite tie to wear to a medical networking event or your favorite pair of scrubs for your next shift at the hospital.

Add Personal Touches to Your Apartment

Creating a space where you have easy access to familiar belongings will help you feel at home and at ease in your new apartment. If you’re only going to be in an apartment for 1-2 years, it might seem unnecessary to paint the walls or drill holes to hang your favorite art. However, you can quickly make your new apartment feel like home by adding just a few personal touches. Hang your favorite blanket over the arm of the couch, store your favorite mug in plain view on a shelf in the kitchen, or place family photos around your new apartment in frames.

Make New Friends in Your Apartment Community

Apartment amenities such as the fitness center, pool, and clubhouse serve as social centers for apartment

communities. These shared public spaces create prime opportunities to meet your neighbors! Don’t be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself. Chances are, your new neighbors are looking to meet new people just like you, and your smile and introduction will be warmly welcomed.

Many apartments even offer monthly resident events such as Paint Night or holiday gatherings with food and entertainment. We suggest following your apartment’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on upcoming resident activities, and attend some of those events to get to know your new neighbors.

Decorate for the Holidays

When living in a temporary apartment, it’s important to maintain your favorite traditions. However, holiday décor can be cumbersome to move from one city to another, and new holiday decorations can quickly add up. Instead of going all-out for the holidays, just focus on a couple of decorations for the heart of your home or a wreath on the door that you can switch out with the seasons.

Explore Your New City

It can be easy to get stuck in a routine of going to work, watching surgical tutorials, coming home to make dinner, and catching up on Netflix’s new releases on your day off. To feel more connected to your new town, take advantage of your time in your new temporary city and get out and explore! Utilize tools like Yelp to find a local restaurant to try on your next night off from work or fill an afternoon exploring Downtown Orlando. You can also utilize websites like Experience Kissimmee to find upcoming events and a new group of friends to get out and explore with.


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