Plan Your Health: Meeting Planner Edition

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I had the distinct honor of presenting to one of the most stressful jobs in America, the Meeting Planner, for Global Meetings Industry Day: The Future of Meetings. At first I was worried, what could I possibly share with the world’s finest planners about wellness? Then I remembered Rome wasn’t built in a day and we sometimes need a fresh perspective to open our eyes to new things. So armed with a little caffeine, some fun slides and a happy smile, I bounded into the room to fully energize the most detailed thinking people I’ve ever encountered.

And guess what… It was fun!

See, wellness isn’t just about diet and exercise. Wellness is so much larger than that! We talked about food, which of course is my favorite subject. We talked about technology and how much easier it is to track exercise. We mentioned sleep and how we all need the ability to disconnect from our smart phones, but when we got really deep, we realized that none of us are getting the quality sleep we dream about when dosed with Nyquil. And when I probed more- there is always one sneaky reason why… Stress. We only have 24 hours in a single day, we can’t add or delete that time, yet how we manage our stress levels throughout the directly impacts the rest of our lives. So I wanted to leave the audience with two major take-a-ways they could start doing immediately:

Disconnect to Connect Meaning, be present in the moment, and step away from technology. This is incredibly important 60 minutes prior to bed. I also encouraged them to work up to that 60 minutes because we are a society dependent on technology.

Prioritize Yourself As busy meeting planners, you are constantly putting other’s before yourself. It’s time to tackle wellness on your own terms and truly for you!

See, wellness doesn’t have to be this long lost black hole that we are constantly searching for. Wellness, in my definition, is living your best possible life on each day. If you’ve never run before, you certainly won’t complete a marathon this weekend, however, a walk around the block is a fantastic first step. Challenge yourself to be better!

I want to personally thank and acknowledge Experience Kissimmee for allowing me the opportunity to present at this prestigious conference! It was such a pleasure being able to connect with the audience and thank them for all the valuable work they accomplish for everyone else daily! As a meeting facility, we want to make your life as stress free as possible. Contact us for more information on how we can partner together for your future events.



Lilly Graziani has served over a decade with Florida Hospital. Her experiences allowed her to build and maintain relationships with all levels of leadership both within the hospital and externally. She helped to create and design the corporate wellness program that Florida Hospital now utilizes for their 26,000 employee population. Graziani now serves as the Director of Corporate Development at the Florida Hospital Nicolson Center where she is responsible for establishing and implementing the sales and business development strategy. She works directly with physicians, hospitals, medical device companies, academic institutions, the federal government, the military, medical societies and professional associations to build relationships and bring meetings and events to the Nicholson Center. In her spare time, Lilly is a fitness enthusiast and is married to her best friend and travel companion, Phil.

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