Medical News of the Month: Medtronic Completes Transaction With Hansen Medical

Physician working with medical equipment
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2015 was full of medical advancements in the medical robotic industry, and 2016 promises to surpass expectations. New medical devices and discoveries arise every day, and each announcement brings a new piece to the emerging health tech puzzle. Recently, Medtronic, a medical device company, joined in on the purchase of Hansen Medical’s Sensei robotic system.

Here are some quick facts about the Sensei Robotic System:

  • Made for collecting electrophysiological data
  • Uses electro-anatomic mapping and recording systems
  • Built for precise navigation and stability
  • Safety and effectiveness has not been established for use of system with cardiac ablation catheters

The Sensei X Robotic system integrates 3-D catheter controls and 3-D visualization to allow surgeons to control robotically steerable catheters that will collect data within the heart atria. The technology is powered by a robotically controlled arm that allows for proper navigation, stability and positioning within the patient's heart atria. The Sensei X Robotic system has been used in thousands of patients, and surgeons will continue to use the robotic system in the future.

Check back next month for news in Nicholson Center partnerships, innovations and other medical and technological announcements.

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