The Importance of the Medical World Going Global

Physicians working together
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Health professionals face complex situations as they try to improve the ways they provide health care around the world. Developing countries face these problems as they attempt to serve their population’s needs when training resources are not available. This is why institutions like the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center bring in global expertise and provide international training and tools to those who need it. Below are some key reasons why the medical industry’s international ties are becoming increasingly important.

Pooled resources: Gaining knowledge and experience in the health care field requires constant innovation, which sometimes requires traveling. Bringing representatives from different countries to consult with each other allows the U.S. to keep finding new ways to improve this type of education. The Nicholson Center provides global consulting for health care professionals to help give them the tools to create their own research and training centers. Medical professionals all have one goal in mind: advancing health care and saving lives in the process. Coming together with different tools and knowledge gives this process the global push it needs.

Strong partnerships: We frequently see world-renowned medical and surgical experts walk through our doors to host, plan and participate in our events. We are dedicated to shaping our educational events with a wide scope of experience, so we encourage hands-on learning from multiple viewpoints and welcome diverse partnerships. If you are a professional in the medical industry, it’s important to expand your reach and find expertise wherever possible.

Broadened horizons: When different companies come together to work in the medical industry, there is a unique knowledge exchange that can only be possible with differing cultures. International staff brought into host training sessions are able to offer experience-based advice that can even span as far as familiarity with different diseases and treatments that attendees may have never been exposed to.

With the help of our parent company, Adventist Health System, the largest not-for-profit health system in the United States, we are able to provide international health professionals with clinical training, education and research because we have experience with strategic partnerships across the globe.

For more information about how we are working to expand our relations globally or how you and your team can partner with us, contact our International Services Consultant Team at Call407-392-0609.


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