How to Plan a Continued Medical Education Event

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Earlier this summer, we gave you an overview of our continued medical education (CME) services, but now we’re taking it one step further by breaking down the exact steps you and your team need to take to develop and execute a comprehensive educational program. We have a full-service CME event planning department to assist you with anything you need help planning from budgeting to marketing strategies. We will help plan these programs for any audience big (1,000 attendees) or small (one-on-one training). Our team begins planning the program 9 months to a year in advance to make sure planning is done extensively by the time your CME program is executed.

Below are the steps we will go through with you to develop an education program catered to your audience and every need:

1.) Identify topic or idea either by the Nicholson Center team or physician 9 to 12 months out

2.) Evaluate market

3.) Develop draft budget for cost analysis and timeline

4.) Begin CME and curriculum development using Kern’s six stages:

a. Problem identification and general needs assessment

b. Targeted needs assessment

c. Goals and objectives

d. Educational strategies

e. Implementation

f. Evaluations and feedback

5.) Begin sponsorship and marketing strategies

6.) Meet with Nicholson Center team monthly to review all logistics

If you are a medical professional or someone involved in a healthcare society who is passionate about furthering your career with education and training, contact the Nicholson Center about planning a CME program. Our event coordinator, Heather Czujak, would be happy to discuss the first planning steps with your team, or consult you on your event checklist.

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