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How to Make Your Medical Training Event Over the Top

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You only get one chance to make a first impression. Do you hope to "wow" the person you are meeting? Why not consider the same experience for hosting a medical training event? Enter the conversation of how to take your training event above and beyond the call of duty. Hopefully you will have selected a training facility that offers top of the line service. A dedicated audio/visual team, onsite concierge, expert lab staff, and a world class facility are just some of the ways to do that. Now, let's learn how to translate that into your already packed agenda.


There are quite a few things to consider when selecting your conference location. Choosing somewhere warm and
sunny ensures you will have a higher RSVP count. Medical tourism is not just for healthcare professionals, but for families, too! Choosing a location near one of the best theme parks in the world, guarantees families also wanting to join. Physicians spend long and grueling hours away from their families, so why not include them in your training? Perhaps it is a dinner one evening that their guests are welcome to join. This would allow for a deeper connection, and showcase how your organization is different.


Is your training facility updated? Is there a state-of-the-art cadaver lab and didactic lecture space? What about an outdoor area? Consider offering something that is “special” to that region, as well. Whether it’s the best BBQ ever created, or a fireworks display, adding the personal touches of that region helps to ensure that your event is memorable.

Since your attendees are traveling, consider having a welcome packet in their hotel room for them. This small memento goes a long way, especially when outside the comforts of their own home!


Something that is not done regularly enough, is calling someone by their name. It can be challenging to learn 50 new names and faces, but do not underestimate the power of a name badge. While folks initially do not care for them, being able to connect with a person and remembering their name goes a long way.

Last thing to make your conference stand out from the rest: have tangible take-a-ways that your attendees can put into action once they are back home. Nothing is worse than leaving an event excited and motivated, and then not having the tools necessary to make it happen. So whether it is a detailed follow up, a highlight video, or PowerPoint presentations from the event, ensure that your attendees have access to remember your conference.

If you are interested in learning more about the Nicholson Center, or would like to hold your medical training conference at our facility, click on the button below!


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