How to Improve Your Focus at a Conference

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Do you find yourself zoning out while attending an industry-specific conference? There are quite a few reasons as to why this is happening. Author of The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg states that we as human beings live our life in a series of habits. When traveling for a conference, we disrupt our normal routine which in turn makes it more challenging to focus.

Fear not! Below are some health tips you can use to help retain and gain as much knowledge as possible while at your next conference.

1. Be leery of your food choices: Have you noticed you eat the most delicious baked goods for breakfast and indulge in extra dessert at lunch while at the conference? Why not- right? It’s free and they would just have to throw it out if you didn’t eat it. Eating those high fatty foods cause your body to work harder to break down the nutrients. You also feel the sugar “low” once your body is creating insulin to distribute your newly found calories. Consider adding more fruits and vegetables to your plate to counter balance all the pastries.

2. Don’t skip your normal exercise routine. Not only will it help you pay attention and keep your focus in an educational setting, it will allow you to sleep better that night. You don’t need to run a marathon, but doing something is better than nothing at all. Consider taking a walk after you eat dinner.

3. Don’t stay seated all day! The phrase, sitting is the new smoking, is absolutely true. We were designed to move, so don’t feel obligated to be glued to your seat all day. You burn approximately 50 more calories while standing vs. sitting. So move to the back of the room and watch the presentation. You’ll be amazed at how much more alert you are and how much better you’ll feel!

Last but certainly not least, focus on taking notes during each presentation. This will actively engage your brain and force you to pay attention. Remember, this conference is for your benefit, so the more you retain, the better!


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