Handling the Daily Stresses of Meeting Planning

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Did you know that men and women actually stress differently? Men tend to put a higher emphasis on achievement and success, and women tend to put a higher emphasis on relationships. Now think about the role you currently have, and how your stress impacts your personal and professional life.

As a meeting planner, you are the reason the conference is either successful or a failure. Meeting planning holds a lot of pressure. But fear not! We have several tips to help ease the stress you experience every day.

Make sure you are fueled for success!

When we are feeling really stressed, our body produces a chemical called Cortisol, which has a primary goal of keeping your energy/immune system up and running, along with prepping the body for a fight or flight response.When high levels are released, your body automatically craves comfort foods (ie: high fatty, carbohydrate laden foods). This is why you may find yourself reaching for the candy bar after a stressful afternoon. But if you can plan for this, you can avoid hidden calories and still feed the craving. Consider replacing the candy bar with fruit that is dipped in chocolate. You’ll quench the craving while also adding in some additional fiber.

Proper rest is critical!

When feeling really stressed, it feels like as soon as you hit the pillow your mind turns on with all the things you have on your to-do list. Consider making a “worry list” at least 60 minutes before bed. By actually writing down this to-do list it allows your brain to focus on other things such as sleep. We all feel better after a good night’s rest, so give yourself a head start.

Be involved in daily activity!

Activity releases endorphins which helps us feel better. Not sure how you’re going to add in another 60 minutes into your already jam packed day? The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of activity a week. The good news is that you can break it up into a little as 10 minute segments. Consider taking a brisk walk after lunch. Not only will it aid in digestion, but it will help you feel revitalized.

As you coordinate and take care of all the magical details which make your conference a success, consider investing back into yourself so you can continue the amazing work you accomplish every day!

Looking to learn more about meeting planning? Join us July 12-13 at the Nicholson Center at our Meeting Planning Mastermind symposium! Meeting planners will have the chance to explore our facility, as well as learn the ins and outs of how to plan a medical event. Click here for more details.


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