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GYN Endometriosis Course

Outside of the Nicholson Center.
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The GYN Endometriosis course will take place at the Nicholson Center on October 29th-30th, 2018. This gynecology course is designed to give surgeons a multifaceted understanding of endometriosis operation by use of surgical robotics.


Endometriosis is a condition that affects an estimated 10% of women. While most women first develop symptoms in their 30’s and 40’s, some women can develop endometriosis earlier in life. There is a discrepancy between the first manifestation of symptoms, and the actual diagnoses of endometriosis that make it increasingly hard on those who suffer from its symptoms.


For the operations that treat this condition, robotic surgery is especially useful. Not only does it allow surgeons to

have a better scope of the surgical space, but the wristed instrumentation provide a method by which to operate much less invasively than with more traditional methods. During this course, surgeons will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the surgical robotics used in endometriosis treatments. First, they will witness demonstrations where experienced faculty will show the exact workings of the surgical robots. Attendees will then try these operations themselves, first via simulations, and then during actual, hands-on labs.


The two-day course will feature a variety of medical education activities to explore the many appropriate surgical approaches which vary based on how the condition manifests itself. All of these sessions will be seamlessly integrated with delicious lunch options for everyone, in the worry-free, comfortable environment of the Nicholson Center.

Course Director

Our course is led by Aileen Caceres, MD, who serves as the Director of Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery Endometriosis at the Center for Women, and as the Medical Director at the Center for Hereditary Syndromes. Additionally she serves as Genetic Clerkship Director and Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida College of Medicine

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