Guest Service at the Nicholson Center

Nicholson Center exterior
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The Nicholson Center may be renowned for its state-of-the-art medical facility, but that does not mean that its accolades stop there. On top of its technical competence, the Nicholson Center is home to an entirely different area of expertise; an expertise in guest services. The guests are treated with utmost respect and staff work tirelessly to satiate the needs of its customers, from the second they walk in the door until the second they walk out.

Five Star Service

From the second guests arrive, they are warmly greeted by our guest services team who will help them get settled as they would if the Nicholson Center were at a five star hotel. Continuing along this trend, all guests are then checked-in and escorted to the area of the Nicholson Center at which their event is being hosted. During the check-in process, all guests are provided with a lanyard that matches their group's color. Security is of utmost importance, and by color coordinating the lanyard colors we are able to ensure that your event only has your attendees in the room. This system is also a friendly way to help guests feel at home in our facility and to ensure that the Nicholson Center keeps running optimally.

Intuitive Services

Any visitor to the Nicholson Center should know that our guest services team is there to assist them for the entire duration of their stay. Phone chargers, help with baggage, shuttle services, or restaurant recommendations and reservations are only a few of the most common services our guest services team will gladly provide. It is imperative that guests feel comfortable asking for help with any problems or questions that arise. That being said, the team is trained to intuitively deduce guest needs, and will typically know how to help out the guest before concerns are directly brought up to them.

A Memorable Experience

At the end of your stay at the Nicholson Center, you’ll find yourself reluctant to leave, and this is largely attributable to the quality of our guest services team. The Nicholson Center may not look like a typical resort, but our service team strives to emulate service of the same caliber. Experience this for yourself by finding a surgical course that suits your needs on our calendar!



Gira Patel is the Nicholson Center's Events and Logistics Manager. With this role, she is entrusted with ensuring that all forms of meetings and events that occur at the Nicholson Center are executed flawlessly. Her organizational skills are key to her ability to orchestrate these events with such precision and attention to detail. Furthermore, with her HMCC certification, she is able to plan events while constantly abiding to rules and regulations, which in turn makes clients feel at ease.

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