Florida Hospital Nicholson Center: Frequently Asked Questions

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Did you know that year after year more than 50,000 doctors and surgeons come to the Florida Hospital Nicholson Center from all over the world to learn the latest clinical and surgical techniques? Our training facility is one of the largest and most experienced medical training centers of its kind in the U.S., and below we have answered a few questions and provided additional information about some of our offerings you may not know about.

How many locations does the Nicholson Center have?
We have two locations. Our main location is in Celebration and the other campus is located in downtown Orlando, and both have lab and lecture capabilities.

Does the Nicholson Center only offer surgical training labs?
No. We offer every aspect of training from surgical training in the operating room to sales team healthcare training in our education space. We also host both wet and dry training labs and offer a comprehensive selection of lab equipment to cater to your team’s training needs.

What robotic surgery and simulation training equipment is housed at the Nicholson Center?

What is something people might not know the Nicholson Center offers?
Most of our visitors think they will be learning by sitting in a classroom and by training in one of our labs, but we go beyond the lecture and lab. Our digital services include broadcasting, streaming and documentation, as well as incorporate interaction using audience response systems. We also offer many amenities that go along with our training events to make the process more convenient, including catering and transportation.

Will the Nicholson Center host a Continued Medical Education event on my behalf?
Yes! The Nicholson Center can actually help plan and host a CME event from start to finish at our facility. We have a full-service Continued Medical Education (CME) department designated to planning these events. You can depend on us to coordinate lodging plans, handle marketing, plan meals during the event and set up and clean up the lab and learning areas. Learn more about our CME development service now.

Still have questions about our services or events? Give us a call at Call407-392-0609 and we'll be happy to help.


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