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Healthcare Meetings Compliance Certificates are accessible, insightful designations which facilitate the management of healthcare meetings by giving its participants a comprehensive and detailed look into the laws and regulations that affect the environment in which healthcare meetings are held. At the Nicholson Center, Gira Patel holds an HMCC, and through it helps the entire facility operate efficiently yet safely.

What is an HMCC

A Healthcare Meetings Compliance Certificate, or HMCC for short, is a designation which can be acquired through the completion of an immersive 4-hour program.

During this course, healthcare meeting organizers can familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations that must be adhered to in organizing healthcare meetings. On top of this, the entirety of the course qualifies as continuing education credits. Attendees can rest assured that they will walk away from this experience feeling more confident in their ability to compliantly host a variety of healthcare events. With the stress that comes with planning healthcare events, it is nice to feel the peace of mind that this program results in. The HMCC designation lasts for 2 years, after which a refresher course is needed in order to maintain the title.

A Provision of Credibility

HMCCs are very beneficial to members of the healthcare meetings community. A higher degree of literacy in terms of healthcare compliance creates a more secure and comfortable environment in which to your host events. On the other side of the coin, clients can feel the same confidence when attending meetings in the presence of HMCC designated individuals, knowing that they are operating in a secure environment in which their rights and their privacy will not be violated.

This security extends to global physicians attending these events, as the HMCC program covers laws and regulations that apply to foreign citizens attending meetings in the United States. For example, MedTech Europe recently implemented a new set of procedures clearly outlining the criteria by which healthcare events are to be managed in Europe, and these affect physicians coming from Europe to events in the USA. The HMCC course foresees this scenario and accordingly trains its participants.

The Necessity of HMCCs

One of the most shocking aspects of the HMCC program is the sheer volume of information there is to be learned despite the brevity of the course.

The healthcare field is getting increasingly saturated with regulations, both domestically and abroad, and it is therefore indispensable to remain well-informed of the necessary precautions to take when leading or participating in healthcare meetings. Just this week, the EU effectuated the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, which calls for new personal privacy standards across a wide range of business practices. With an influx of such regulations worldwide, it is crucial for healthcare organizations to dedicate the time to remain aware of the current legal environment they are operating in.

HMCC at the Nicholson Center

Given the importance of the subject matter, and the accessibility of the program, it is shocking to realize that only approximately 1,700 healthcare meeting planners in the United States have an HMCC license.

The Nicholson Center places the utmost value in maintaining the security and privacy of its attendees and clients, and therefore sees HMCCs as paramount designations in upholding its standards. As a matter of fact, the Nicholson Center partnered with Experience Kissimmee and Meeting Professionals International earlier this month to host an HMCC course within its walls. To host your next meeting at a HMCC compliant bioskills lab, contact us!



Gira Patel is the Nicholson Center's Events and Logistics Manager. With this role, she is entrusted with ensuring that all forms of meetings and events that occur at the Nicholson Center are executed flawlessly. Her organizational skills are key to her ability to orchestrate these events with such precision and attention to detail. Furthermore, she benefits greatly from her HMCC certification, because it helps her plan events while constantly abiding to rules and regulations, which in turn makes clients feel at ease.

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