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We understand a lot of work goes into a comprehensive medical education program that goes beyond basic training to specialization. Everything from registrations to finding thought leaders and securing a facility, these training programs can be difficult to fully plan without the proper resources. That’s why the Nicholson Center has a full-service Continued Medical Education (CME) department for cadaver lab training and healthcare compliance training.

Continuing medical education is all about passion and the need to do more to spread knowledge. Our program is built around that passion, and we can help create training programs anywhere from one-on-one training to a 1,000-person conference. If you have this same passion and are thinking of developing a CME event, the steps are simple. Start by contacting the Nicholson Center with a proposed topic and faculty. From there, the education team will help you format your accredited CME course utilizing our highly experienced medical event, digital, marketing and lab experts.

Curriculum development is something we can assist with, and once it has been developed, the team will then handle all logistics including the marketing strategy and any external events surrounding the program. This includes coordinating lodging, planning entertainment such as dinner and receptions, handling all registrations and technological set-ups and managing industry grants and scholarships needed to run your course.

If you are involved in a healthcare society or are a medical professional looking to create an all-inclusive CME program, contact the Nicholson Center to plan, format and execute the event with your direction and passion leading the way. Please contact us at least 9 to 12 months before the desired date of the event by clicking the button below.

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